Tell the House to support our students & don't back down!

The Democratic state House has released its full state budget, and it's A LOT better than the Senate Republicans' plan. We oppose the Senate budget because it's packed full of bad policies and doesn't fully fund our schools.*

The House budget goes furthest toward fully funding public schools as required by the Supreme Court's McCleary decision. We need the Legislature to pass a final state budget that:

  • Funds competitive, professional pay and benefits for all educators.

  • Funds smaller class sizes beyond K-3 and additional support to meet the social and emotional needs of our students (I-1351)

  • Protects local collective bargaining rights and local decision-making, including school levies

It's been five years since the McCleary decision, and we're counting on the House to stand strong for us and our students. Now is not the time to back down!

Email your House members and tell them our students deserve better than what the Senate proposed. Urge them to OPPOSE Senate Republicans' punitive and reckless proposal and to SUPPORT a K-12 budget that keeps the McCleary Promise to our students.

 *The state Senate Republican budget proposal is bad news for students and educators. The Republican budget:

  • Increases class sizes for students by eliminating the voter-approved initiative to reduce class sizes (I-1351).
  • Restricts funding needed to meet the needs of our most vulnerable special education students.
  • Limits educator pay and eliminates voter-approved cost-of-living adjustments (I-732).

The Senate Republican plan also would lower standards by allowing anyone to teach as long as they pass a criminal background check -- even if they don't have a college degree or high school diploma!