Protect Our Collective Bargaining Rights and Local Control in Our Schools!

More than 30 school district superintendents recently wrote a letter urging legislators to limit and restrict the collective bargaining rights of Washington's public school employees. These superintendents wrote and submitted their recommendations without informing their local employee unions. Although the union members who would be affected by the proposed restrictions weren't consulted, the superintendents did share their recommendations with principals, school directors, district business officers and school board members.

Most of the anti-union recommendations are included in the state budget approved by Senate Republicans:

  • Limiting TRI pay for teachers
  • Eliminating local health care insurance choices by moving all K-12 employees into a state-run system
  • Limiting how much school districts can invest in their teachers and support staff
  • Limiting how local levy funding is spent.
  • Reductions in the total amount of levy funding districts can raise with voter approval

Email your legislators and tell them you oppose the collective bargaining restrictions proposed by superinentendents. Urge them to support the House budget, which protects collective bargaining and maintains local control in our schools.