Defeat the Senate Republican budget -- it's bad for schools and students

Legislators are in special session trying to negotiate a state budget deal -- and our students are counting on us to defeat the harmful plan proposed by Senate Republicans. The GOP budget plan:

  • Reduces local control of public schools
  • Reduces funding for special education
  • Forces districts to lay off teachers and staff
  • Gives windfall tax breaks to Boeing and other rich corporations
  • Takes away the ability of teachers and staff to negotiate wages and benefits with their school districts

Just like Donald Trump's education plan, the Senate Republican budget doesn't provide the resources needed to improve our kids' education.

"In addition to insufficient funding, the state GOP has also taken a cue from Trump’s pick to lead our nation’s schools, billionaire Betsy DeVos," said Sen. John McCoy who opposes the Senate GOP budget.

In coming weeks, legislators will be voting on a final state budget. Gov. Inslee and legislators from both parties are saying they need to hear from educators and parents.

Email your legislators and urge them to oppose the Senate Republican budget and to support the House Democratic budget.