Tell legislators: Support levies and local control in our schools

After six months without much progress, the Washington Legislature is approaching the June 30 deadline for passing a state budget. In these final days, we need to make sure legislators stay focused on amply funding K-12 public schools as required by the McCleary decision and the state Constitution. 

Reports indicate that in exchange for increased state funding for schools, legislators from both parties are considering major limits on voters' ability to pass local schools levies, which are essential to meeting students' unique needs.

They want to limit local control in our public schools and allow bureaucrats and politicians in Olympia to micromanage our schools.

And they want to limit our ability to bargain beyond state-funded base salaries.

Email your legislators in the House and Senate -- and Gov. Inslee -- and tell them to amply fund K-12 public schools -- and to protect local control, local levies and local collective bargaining for pay and benefits.