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Students in Washington's public schools deserve to be healthy and safe. School safety is a priority for WEA members -- our students can’t learn unless they have safe schools. This means making sure ALL students receive the social and mental health services and support they need -- in addition to having caring, qualified, committed teachers and support professionals.

Please add your name to our petition and share why you believe healthy students and safe schools should be a legislative budget priority. We'll deliver the petition to Gov. Inslee and the Legislature in Olympia during WEA's annual Lobby Day on Feb. 18.

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Number Date Name Location Why is student health and ...
1729 2 days ago Sherri Thies Spokane, WA I'm a teacher in a high performing High School. Weekly I am yelled at and cussed at. Tensions are at a tipping point. Disruptive students need support and action to get the help they are asking for....
1728 3 days ago Joanne Glasgow Renton, WA
1727 4 days ago Kelly Silveira Aberdee, WA Students of all ages require a safe learning environment for their better education and development.
1726 1 week ago ALYSSA YOST SPOKANE, WA As a school employee, I believe my safety and that of my co-workers and the children we serve is of utmost importance.
1724 3 weeks ago Mary Easton Cosmopolis, WA
1723 3 weeks ago Robert Horton Puyallup, WA I see students daily in class that need support for the issues they deal with outside the classroom the negatively impact their ability to learn and be productive students in the school. Also, all s...
1722 3 weeks ago RHONDA REESER WASHOUGAL, WA There are students in our District SLC programs who are needing residential care. Our paraprofessionals have been provided shields for self protection. I am on our district safety committee. Over...
1721 1 month ago Marjorie Berghoff Port Orchard, WA Children cannot learn what they need to be successful in life if they are ill or if they feel fear for their safety.
1720 1 month ago Lauren Niven Bellingham, WA School support professionals are essential to keeping kids safe.
1719 1 month ago Katelin Hopkins Vancouver , WA
1718 1 month ago Erin Mock Everett, WA As a preschool teacher I care about the safety and health of my students.
1717 1 month ago Frances Mueller Seattle, WA
1716 1 month ago Olivia Gates Seattle, WA
1715 1 month ago Theresa Hayes Bellingham, WA School support professional such as counselors, social workers, school psychologists and nurses are essential in keeping students safe at school. These professionals are trained to attend to the so...
1714 1 month ago PAMELA SNOOK SNOHOMISH, WA Every student has the right to be and feel safe at school.
1713 1 month ago PATRICIA WESTON SNOHOMISH, WA I am a public school teacher, and proud WEA/MIEA member.
1712 1 month ago CHRISTINE CAMBRA LAKE TAPPS, WA Our kids are hurting and they deserve love...especially from their teachers!
1711 1 month ago Joanne Glasgow Renton, WA
1710 1 month ago Amy Hull Friday Harbor, WA Our country needs to start preventive measures
1709 1 month ago NOELLE URO PUYALLUP, WA Staff and students should not have to worry about schools not being safe they are there to learn not worried about violence!
1708 1 month ago Heidi Young Maple Valley, WA
1707 1 month ago Cassie Garvin Spokane, WA I’m a teacher. Daily I see all that kids come into schools with. Mental health issues. Social and emotional problems. Broken homes. CPS involvement. Not enough food at home. Homelessness. Poor acces...
1706 1 month ago DIONNE VESTER ROY, WA If these basic needs are not meet some of our scholars will struggle to be active participants in their school community and beyond. They will not only face academic challenges but consistently comb...
1705 2 months ago Scott Norton Bonney Lake, WA It’s important to me because all students deserve to feel safe in a healthy learning environment. I work at a school where some of the programs seem to be way understaffed, and they are forced to...
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