Tell your legislators: Support local levy flexibility to meet student needs

In 2018, the Washington Supreme Court ruled the state Legislature was fully funding basic education as required by the court's 2012 McCleary decision.

However, state funding still falls short on meeting the needs of special education students, reducing class sizes in all grades and funding for counselors, nurses, social workers and others who meet the emotional and mental health needs of our students. In 2017, the Legislature voted to dramatically restrict local school levies. WEA agrees with administrators and school boards that the levy restrictions went too far, and we’re working with legislators to restore levy flexibility so we can meet student needs.

Local levies allow voters to invest in the unique needs of the students in their community beyond the basic education funded by the state. Local voter-approved school levies fund additional teachers, librarians, school nurses, early learning, music, art and many other student needs, including education support professionals. Students in Seattle, Selah and Shelton have different needs, and local levies allow voters to meet those needs.

Local voters must approve all school levies. It’s their choice. Legislators should trust voters to make their own decisions about their local schools and communities. Use our sample messages or write your own!