Yes! I endorse Manka Dhingra for state Senate    

This one race could decide the future of public schools in Washington

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Number Date Name Location Why do you support Manka ...
26 1 year ago Sara Rosin Puyallup, WA Manka will be a great asset in the Senate standing for children and public schools.
25 1 year ago Sherry Keenan Bremerton, WA Pro education
Pro union
She will be a strong voice for families and public education.
24 1 year ago Sharon Loniewski Washougal, WA
23 1 year ago MIOK OH BOTHELL, WA She stands for education, and she is a clear and strong voice.
22 1 year ago ROB LUTZ VANCOUVER, WA Sanity in the Senate!
21 1 year ago Lisa Raine WA, WA Manka will be a champion for working families and students!
19 1 year ago Alan Sutliff Kent, WA A strong supporter of public education for all students!
18 1 year ago TANI LINDQUIST SEATTLE, WA Manka is pro-Labor and supports full funding of public schools.
17 1 year ago CATHERINE MATHIAS EDMONDS, WA Manka stands for public education!
16 1 year ago SHERI SETZER LYNNWOOD, WA Manka stands with public education employees and students. Her voice in the Senate can help bring about positive change for public education.
15 1 year ago NICOLE WAY PUYALLUP, WA She is pro- Public Education and a union supporter!!! I’m with Manka!
14 1 year ago CATHY PETERSON ABERDEEN, WA I feel that Manka represents similar values and goals as do I and will make a positive addition to our state senate. She is committed to making a difference for our kids and supports union values.
12 1 year ago SHELLEY HOULE VANCOUVER, WA She supports public education!
11 1 year ago Cheryl Hopkins Sammamish, WA She is pro education and concerned about our property taxes.
10 1 year ago Tara Quackenbush Bellingham, WA Manka Dhingra has my support because she supports unions and public education. We need her voice in Olympia.
9 1 year ago SHEILA HAGERMAN KIRKLAND, WA It's time the 45th LD had a Senator that will make our students and schools a priority. Manka has my support!
8 1 year ago NATE ZIEMKOWSKI SNOQUALMIE, WA Manka believes in our public schools and will stand up for educators and students.
7 1 year ago DIANE SUNDVIK KENNEWICK, WA Manka Dhingra has my support because she understands the value of public schools in educating our children.
5 1 year ago KEVIN TEELEY LYNNWOOD, WA As president of the Lake Washington Education Association, I'm convinced that Manka will be an incredible advocate for students, staff, and families in our state!
4 1 year ago Jennifer Silves Mount Vernon, WA Manka has a proven record of advocating for all constituency groups. Her down to earth approach to solving problems makes her a great candidate for the 45th.
3 1 year ago KRAIG PECK The one vote Republican Senate majority has done too much damage already. They have been working to privatize our schools and weaken our union. They are detrimental to our students. We don't ...
2 1 year ago SIMONE BOE OLYMPIA, WA Manka Dhingra clearly supports our schools and will be a great voice for our public schools when she is serving as a legislator in Olympia.
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