Reserve and Associate Member Enrollment Form

  • Reserve Membership is available to any former WEA Active-class member (Certificated or Education Support Professional) whose employment status no longer qualifies that individual for Active-class membership.  This category includes Reserve-class membership in both NEA and WEA.  Reserve-class members retain eligibility for most WEA and NEA Member Benefits programs. 
  • Associate Membership is limited to any group or individual who is interested in education and subscribes to the mission, goals and core values of the WEA, and who is not eligible for other classes of membership. This category includes NEA Community Ally membership.
  • Reserve and Associate Members have access to WEA Professional Development offerings, which may include clock hours.  There may be additional cost.
  • Reserve and Associate Members are not represented by NEA, WEA or any affiliate in terms and conditions of employment.
  • Reserve and Associate Members are not covered by the NEA Educators' Employment Liability (EEL) program.
  • The membership year runs from September 1 through August 31.  Reserve and Associate membership rates are not pro-rated based on enrollment date.
  • Teachers and other employees of Washington Tribal and Charter schools are eligible for Reserve or Associate membership.  If you were formerly an Active-class member of NEA/WEA, please choose Reserve.  Otherwise, please choose Associate.
  • If you are CURRENTLY EMPLOYED in public education in a WEA-represented bargaining unit, you MUST join as an Active-class member
  • If you are enrolled as a STUDENT in a program that prepares you for educational employment, please join as a Student member
  • If you are RETIRED from educational employment, please join as a WEA-Retired member instead.
  • All payments made via this page are NON-REFUNDABLE.  It is solely the responsibility of the applicant to ascertain eligibility for association membership.  
  • If you have questions, please call 253-765-7105 or email

Your Information

UID = This is your ten-digit WEA/NEA Member ID number that is printed on your ID Card, your WE 2.0 mailing label or your NEA Today mailing label.  Providing this number (if available) helps us ensure accurate records and process your membership more quickly. 

Please provide your PERSONAL (non-employer) email address above.

Membership is open only to those who agree to subscribe to the goals and objectives of the Association and to abide by its constitution and bylaws. Membership shall not be denied to individuals on the basis of race, creed, national origin, or gender. Ethnic Status and Gender information is optional and failure to provide it will in no way affect your membership status, rights or benefits in NEA, WEA or any of their affiliates. This information will be kept confidential.

Dues payments (or a portion) may qualify as a miscellaneous itemized deduction. Contributions to NEA FCPE, WEA-PAC and local PACs, if applicable, are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes and require a separate contribution form.

I agree that this authorization and assignment shall remain in effect until a signed and dated revocation is received by the WEA Membership Department at P.O. Box 9100, Federal Way, WA 98063-9100. I understand that while I can revoke my membership, I am obligated to fulfill my core dues obligation to the WEA and its affiliates during the year of revocation.

$159.00 -
- Reserve Certificated Member
$74.50 -
- Reserve ESP Member
$159.00 -
- Associate Member

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The Washington Education Association is a union that elevates the collective voice of professional public school educators to best serve the students of Washington state.

The Mission of the WEA is to advocate for excellence, inclusion and a racially equitable public school system for all students, staff, and communities.