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General Membership Meeting - Contract Updates

7:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 2
Highline Performing Arts Center
401 S. 152nd St., in Burien

Bargaining Update
This is a mid-year bargain. Four dates were scheduled this June. Agreement was not reached, so the teams will be meeting Aug. 18-19. The focus of this year's bargaining topics are the current Letters of Agreement between HEA and HSD. Visit our website to access the contract.

Letters of Agreement topics include: Online Grading, WAKIDS, Race to the Top Grant, Dual Language, Special Education, Joint Evaluation Team, Mentor Cadre, and Secondary Assessment Coordination.

Additional bargaining topics: Calendar (annual topic), School Improvement Grants for Cascade and Chinook, 6th Grade Transition, District Initiative Days, and Elementary Assessment Coordination

Your HEA representatives are Richard Dunn, Kevin Comfort, Shauna Pierson, Christina Smith, Greg Harrington, Debbi Needham, Elizabeth Beck and Sue McCabe.

Initiative 1351
Washington's class sizes are 47th out of 50 states! I-1351 would reduce class sizes in every grade level and subject. We need 350,000 signatures of Washington registered voters to put I-1351 on the ballot in November.

HEA has collected 5,175 signatures in the effort. HEA is 69 percent of the way toward our goal of 7,500. We have a few days left to collect. If you have petitions, please deliver to the HEA office by 11 a.m. Monday, June 30.

Click here to sign up for an event this weekend to collect signatures.

HEA Year-End Summary
What was new at HEA?

School Board Connections
This a new program that started this past school year. We want to connect members with our school board. We are in the schools and have the knowledge and expertise needed to create success for our students. Increasing our communication to school board members, parents and our community can bring about a higher degree of collaborative decision making around issues in our schools. For school year 2014-15, please come to AT LEAST ONE school board meeting. Speaking topics are suggested through the E-Focus.

Highline Times wrote an excellent article on April 30 based on the board meeting. You can read the article and speakers statements on the HEA website under School Board Connections.

New Administrative Assistant -- Jan Shannon has brought HEA a wealth of experience from other labor unions. She  has offered new ideas to help with member representation and communication. HEA members are fortunate to have her on our team!

E-Focus -- Electronic newsletter delivered to home emails. At least nine issues this year. When your email changes, make sure you notify us! Bargaining information will be sent to home emails.

HEA Mid-Year Social -- Approximately 90 members joined the first HEA Mid-Year Social at Elliott Bay in Burien.

Joint Climate Survey -- First HEA/HSD joint effort in a climate survey
Moving forward, improvements can be made!  Email Sue McCabe if you would like to serve on an HEA survey committee.  

Race to the Top Grants -- HSD has received grant money for the STEM Academy, 9th Grade Success and Early Learning. One of the grant requirements is to have HEA members shape the grant applications. Thank you, HEA members, who helped to guide the process: Sandy Hunt, Christine Oberloh, Rosanne Esposito, Jamie Ewing, Susan Andrews-Salmond, Gerald Carrell, Sheri Oberg, Mary O’Bryan, Phoebe Thompson, and Kristina Scott.

Standardized Lies, Money & Civil Rights: How Testing is Ruining Public Education -- HEA hosted a public viewing of this movie, which attracted 35-40 viewers at the Burien Library. STANDARDIZED sheds light on the invalid nature of these tests, the terrible consequences of high-stakes testing, and the big money that's involved.

Interested in becoming more involved? HEA members need your voice. Contact Sue McCabe to find out how you can help.

In this Issue ...
  • General Membership Meeting
  • Bargaining Update
  • Class Size Initiative I-1351
  • HEA Year in Summary

Q: Will HEA staff have a salary increase for school year 2014-15?
Yes, there is a local increase. The TRI percentage moves from 17% to 21% for school year 2014-15.  That is a salary increase of 4% for the coming year.  It is a total salary increase of 6% for this current two-year contract.
Q: What is the first day of school?
A: The first day of school for the 2014-15 school  year is Wednesday, Sept. 3.

Your Contract
The HEA/HSD Collective Bargaining Agreement is available on our HEA website.

Contact Us

Sue McCabe
HEA President
206-246-4340, Ext. 121

Jan Shannon
Administrative Assistant
206-246-4340, Ext. 123

Elizabeth Beck
WEA UniServ Rep
206-246-4340, Ext. 122

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