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Summary HEA/HSD Tentative Agreements

This is a brief summary of issues addressed in the Tentative Agreement.

In order to ratify the contract, a quorum is needed at our HEA General Membership Meeting. Make sure you attend the 7:30 a.m. Tuesdsay, Sept. 2, meeting at Highline High School in the Performing Arts Center, 401 S. 152nd St., in Burien.

Agreement on perpetual language and current calendar on HSD website.

While the state did not fund a COLA, there is another TRI increase for SY 14-15. That was negotiated August 2013.

SY 13-14 Letters of Agreement Progress

  • Dual Language -- HEA/HSD Agreement on Dual Language Program issues.
  • Secondary Assessment Coordination -- HEA/HSD agreement on approach to secondary assessment coordination.
  • Special Services -- HEA/HSD agreement on a number of special services issues involving workload of certificated staff and moving current practice into the CBA.  

Continuing Letters of Agreement
The letters of Agreement between Highline Education Association/Highline School District regarding

  • Job Shares
  • Planning Time Formula -- PE/Music Specialists
  • Health Benefits
  • Secondary Student Conferences

Continue for the duration of this contract 2013-2015.

NEW/REVISED Letters of agreement

  • WaKIDs -- Updated for SY 14-15 -- Agreement on how to implement WaKIDS in all schools and added supports to address the implementation of the state WaKIDs program.
  • RttT- Race to the Top Implementation LOA  -- Updated for SY 14-15 -- Communication and development of RttT projects outlined.
  • School Improvement Grant (SIG) -- HEAHSD agreement regarding SIG grants for Cascade/Chinook Middle Schools.
  • LOA on Online Grading/report cards -- Using illuminate™.
  • Special Services -- HEA/HSD Agreement to address caseload mitigation and program definition/parameters. HEA/HSD joint team progress to be considered for spring 2015.
  • Mentors -- Agreement on implementing the certificated staff training for a School-Based Mentor Cadre to offer additional support for staff.  Full program implementation following completion of successful training.
  • PG&E -- LOAs on full implementation of the new evaluation system.

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