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Dear HEA Members,

We had a great HEA Picket Captain Meeting yesterday afternoon, and your building/program’s picket captains have detailed information to share with you in person at an HEA Building Meeting today or tomorrow. Please be sure to attend!

This email will provide an overview of the day, as well as general information about parking options and other items you will want to think about in advance. Please connect with your building/program's picket captains for detailed information. We will also send out additional details and reminders tomorrow.

Here is the plan for our May 21 Day of Action.

All Day: WEAR RED for Public Ed!
Please do your best to wear red on Thursday. HEA has ordered red T-shirts for rally participants, but cannot guarantee sizing to fit everyone. The T-shirts will be handed out at picketing sites, so layering is a good idea, too, in case you want to put on your new shirt.

All Day: Help feed a Hungry Child!
Highline educators care deeply about our community and our students' families. As our service project, please bring a non-perishable food item to your assigned picketing site in the morning or to the It's Time Rally in the afternoon. We will be collecting food donations to donate to the Highline, Des Moines, and White Center Food banks.

8:15 - 8:45 a.m.: Arrive at your assigned picketing site. View map of sites at http://bit.ly/HEAwalksites
Schools have been assigned to specific sites for sign-waving. Each site has a Site Team comprised of the picket captains for the buildings assigned to that site. The list of site assignments is at the bottom of this email, and you can see the intersections on the map linked above. Parking locations for each site have been identified, and in some cases, Picket Captain Site Teams are working to identify even more. Site teams are also working to identify parking or shuttle options for those who have mobility challenges. Tomorrow's email will include updated details. Two of the sites have been designated as "Disability" sites -- no offense is intended by the term, but they are sites where there is some space for participants to sit down if they are unable to stand while sign-waving.

8:30 - 11 a.m.: Sign waving at picketing sites
After dropping off your food donation, we will have signs for you to pick up at the staging area for your intersection, and you can begin sign-waving. Each site has a Site Team with assigned leads and people to help with safety, identify restrooms for use, and provide water and snacks (granola bars). Logistically, providing coffee for everyone at intersection sites is not feasible. So, you may bring your own -- or, some Site Teams are encouraging members at their schools to purchase coffee from the businesses that are allowing us to use their restrooms as a way of saying thank you. Check in with your building picket captains for details.

11 a.m. - Noon: Lunch on your own 
You can bring a sack lunch or pick up something from a business near your picketing site. Nearly all of the picketing locations have fast food restaurants in the area -- many of which are allowing us to use their restrooms. As above with the coffee, it is at your discretion, but if you'd like to use lunch as a way of saying thanks, that is an option.

Noon*: Meet at designated It's Time March sites to walk or run to the rally
After lunch, we will be marching from four locations to our rally at Moshier Park. Be prepared to arrive at your chosen "March" site by noon. (*One exception to this is that participants in the HEA 5K+ Walk from Evergreen must meet at 11:45 a.m.) More details about our Marches will be included in tomorrow's email, but the starting points are Evergreen HS Campus (3.6 mi), Seahurst (2 mi), Sylvester (1 mi), and Highline HS (0.7 mi around the block). You may choose your own March route based on how far you want to walk there -- and back. Mobility-challenged participants may go directly to the rally site.

12:30 - 1 p.m.: Arrive at the It’s Time Rally at Moshier Memorial Park
The address of the park is 430 S. 156th St., and it is located behind Highline High School. Music will begin at the rally site at 12:30 p.m., thanks to some of our fantastic Music teachers and others. Remember to bring a food donation if you didn't drop one off earlier.

1 - 2 p.m.: It's Time Rally at Moshier Park (430 S. 156th St.)
We will end our day all together with music, speeches from students, parents, educators, and perhaps even a legislator or two. There will be a table set up for you to write postcards to legislators, and we can deliver them for you, or you can send them off yourself. PLEASE NOTE: This location is a change from what was published in yesterday's email. We were notified yesterday afternoon that this was necessary, and have adjusted accordingly. Thanks in advance for your flexibility!

We are looking forward to a day of solidarity all together, sending a message to Olympia that It's Time for a new direction. It's past time, in fact, for legislators to keep the promises they have made to students, families, communities, and educators and provide ample funding for public education, as is their constitutional duty.

In Solidarity,
Sue McCabe
HEA President

Here are your assigned picketing sites, with a parking overview for each one.

Site 1: SW 107th & 16th Ave SW
Assigned Schools:
Mount View, Beverly Park, White Center Heights, Shorewood
Mount View Elementary (0.2 mi) at 10811 – 12th Ave SW
Steve Cox Memorial Park (0.4 mi) at 1321 SW 102nd

Site 2: SW 128th St. and 1st Ave. S
Assigned Schools: Hazel Valley, Southern Heights, New Start, Aviation, Cascade, Evergreen Campus (TEC, AAA, HS3)
Hazel Valley Elementary (0.4 mi) at 402 SW 132nd St
LIMITED parking at Puget Sound Park on 126th, adjacent to the Haggen Parking lot, near the over pass -- use for carpool/disability only.

Site 3: SW 148th St. and 1st Ave. S – *North Zone Disability Site
Assigned Schools: Hilltop, Cedarhurst, Seahurst, Special Services (Psychs, SLP’s OT/PTs), Substitutes
Highline HS/PAC & Moshier Park (0.5 mi) at 225 S 152nd St.
Public parking in downtown Burien

Site 4: SW 160th St. and 1st Ave. S ("Five Corners")
Assigned Schools: Gregory Heights, Sylvester, Highline HS, ERAC-based specialists
Sylvester Middle School (0.4 mi) at 16222 Sylvester Rd SW
Highline HS/PAC & Moshier Park (0.6 mi) at 225 S 152nd St.
Public parking in downtown Burien

Site 5: S 188th St. and Pacific Highway S (99)
Assigned Schools: Bow Lake, McMicken, Valley View, Chinook, PSSC, Woodside Campus, Tyee Campus (ACE, Global)
Chinook Middle School (0.7 mi) at 18650 – 42nd Ave S
Tyee Campus next to Chinook

Site 6: S 216th St and Marine View Drive -- *South End Disability Site
Assigned Schools: Des Moines, North Hill, Marvista
Vacant grocery store (old QFC) lot next to the intersection

Site 7: Kent-Des Moines Road and Pacific Highway S (99)
Assigned Schools: Parkside, Madrona, Midway, Pacific, Mount Rainier
Vacant bank lot on SE corner of intersection.
Midway Elementary School (0.6 mi) at 22447 – 24th Ave S
Pacific Middle School (0.7 mi) at 22705 – 24th Ave S
Walking route: east up 226th St and then south down Pac Hwy S. - stay on sidewalks!

Please remember that picket captains are working on "mobility impaired" parking for all sites; connect with your building picket captain if this is a need for you.

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