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2015 Washington State Legislature
Members in 65 Washington school districts protested the Legislature's failure to fully fund K-12 public schools, including smaller class sizes in every grade level (as required by I-1351) and the professional, competitive pay and benefits needed to attract and keep qualified educators. What are you willing to do?
Still No Budget
On compensation, the budget discussions are focused on whether K-12 employees should receive only an I-732 COLA (3 percent over two years) or an increase that is equivalent to what state employees are being provided in the budget (4.8 percent over two years).

Your COLA for the next 2 years - ?
From the Governor            3.0%               1.8%
From the House                 3.0%               1.8%
From the Senate                1.8%               1.2%
The Legislature's raise for themselves: 11.2%

Stay Tuned!  Contact your legislators! Check out www.OurvoiceWashingtonEA.org

It is the perfect time to join WEA-PAC if you haven't already. Download the WEA-PAC enrollment form, fill it out and send it to the HEA office via your building representative.

HEA BarGAINing 2015 Update
Negotiations began HEA and HPS began on March 27. The HEA team has met 12 times to plan. We reviewed the bargaining survey results to understand the collective will of the HEA membership. We studied our surrounding districts to create some understanding of how we compare to our neighboring districts. We worked as a team to target our issues. There have been six HEA/HSD joint sessions. There are two joint bargaining sessions scheduled for June 24 and 25 at HSD ERAC, 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
August bargaining dates: Aug. 19, 20 and 21.

Meet your HEA BarGAINing Team

There are nearly 50 topics that we are tackling at the bargaining table this year. YES, that is 50. The topics include: curriculum adoption, lesson planning, assessments, calendar, time, PIT/TRI, DID days, planning time, PCT, instructional time, compensation, benefits costs/insurance pool, extra duty contracts, evaluation, PG&E, association member release days, creative and modifies schedules, staff meetings, grading, student discipline, special education workload, ESA workload, librarian workload, teacher workload, space/class size, facilities/equipment, ELL leadership, shared leadership, teacher leadership, personnel, student supervision, national boards, proteach, substitute availability, substitute compensation, advisory, conferences, 3rd grade conferences, assessment coordination, kindergarten, leaves, article 1, letter of agreement updates, peer mentor program, appendix D, grievance, and kindergarten.

Look for additional BarGAINing updates.  

HEA BarGAINing Support Team -- BST
Get your RED on!

School's out, but not for the HEA Bargaining Team. The Bargaining Team will be in session at ERAC on Wednesday, June 24, and Thursday, June 25. For those of you still hard at work, please wear Red at all worksites on those days. Take it a step further and show your solidarity by joining a Red Shirt Rally (7:45-8:30 a.m.) on both days before heading to teach or train. For those on break, start your morning walk at the ERAC parking lot. Or meet up with friends, and then make your way to breakfast. The Rally will run from 7:45-8:30! Come and show your support for a successful bargain! (A Red Shirt Rally was held outside the HEA office on the afternoon of June 8. Several dozen members showed their support for the Bargaining Team. Let's continue the momentum!)

August 2015 Bargaining Dates
Wednesday, Aug. 19 -- HEA Office
Thursday, Aug. 20 -- HEA Office
Friday, Aug. 21 -- HSD ERAC

2015 NEA Representative Assembly
Your elected delegates for the NEA-RA will be attending the assembly this week, July 1-6. These people will be volunteering to represent you in order to set the national business agenda for the coming year. Delegates include: Sandra Aguila, Sandy Hunt, Jeb Binns, Michael McSweeney, Joanne Glasgow, Teresa Duhamel, Amy Hepburn and Sue McCabe. Please thank your colleagues for donating a week of their summer to advocate on the behalf of all members.

What is a VEBA Account?
HEA Members could have the opportunity to participate in VEBA. VEBA stands for Voluntary Employee's Beneficiary Association. VEBA Trust offers two separate health reimbursement arrangement plan designs: the Standard HRA Plan and the Post-separation HRS Plan.

After educating members on the possible opportunity that VEBA offers, we would hold an all-membership vote to deternine if HEA members would join VEBA. The outcome of the vote would be the same results for all members. More information to come. Visit veba.org for more information.  

June 23, 2015

In this Issue ...
  • 2015 Legislative Session
  • BarGAINing Update
  • BST -- BarGAINing Support
  • 2015 NEA RA
  • VEBA -- What is it?
  • Articles worth a read


Q: How can I support bargaining efforts?
A: Show up at ERAC at 7:45 a.m. in your RED HEA T-shirt on June 24 and 25 to support your HEA Bargaining Team. Posters welcome. Contact Sandy Hunt for details.

Q: When is the General Membership meeting in August?
A: Monday, Aug. 31, at 4 p.m. Location TBD.

Your Contract
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Training Opportunities

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Enjoy your summer!

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