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June 1 School Board Meeting

Thank you for the large turnout at the June 1 Highline School Board meeting. At least 60-plus HEA members joined in the message of solidarity regarding concern over the turnover of certificated staff. Speakers and topics included: Christine Oberloh, evaluation system; James Boutin, developing cultural proficiency in the district; Juan Cordova, teacher retention; Mike Hecklinger, teacher turnover; Jacque Troung, substitute shortage; Sandy Hunt, evaluation; Sue Blazak, teacher turnover, and Jennifer Oxier, teacher turnover. Much appreciation goes to these courageous speakers expressing our collective concerns within our schools.

HEA President Sue McCabe delivered the HEA Executive Board message of concern. As of June 1, there were 170 resignations/retirements approved by the School Board. Nearly half of these resignations were submitted by educators in their first 5 years of experience. HSD is on track to exceed the number of resignations that occurred each of the previous two years. Patterns and trends have been discussed with the district on multiple occasions. According to our joint climate survey in 2015, while more than a supermajority of Highline educators support the strategic plan, educators do not have the resources and support to accomplish the goals and objectives. Additional concerns highlighted include discipline, inconsistency around evaluation and educator empowerment. The HEA Executive Board is calling on district leadership to create the kind of district that educators stay and grow their careers. We encourage our leadership to take the opportunity to learn from educators what they need to thrive.

Some speakers' statements can be found on the HEA website.

HEA BarGAINing Update
Last August, we approved a contract for 2015-18. This spring's BarGAINing efforts are identified as mid-contract negotiations. Limited topics include:

  • Calendar – tentative agreement reached
  • New legislation
  • Article 12, Section 12.6. District Insurance Contribution
  • Substitute Salary Schedule
  • Article 11, Contractual Work Year for the second year of this Agreement
  • Review/Update of all current LOAs-Letters of Agreement

The next joint bargaining session is scheduled for June 20 at the HEA Office, from 8:30-11:30 a.m.

HEA BarGAINing Team: Thara Cooper, Richard Dunn, Marty Shorb, Christina Smith, Elizabeth Beck and Sue McCabe

Highline Citizens for Schools

What: Highline School Board Meeting
When: 6 p.m., June 22
Where: ERAC

HSD Capital Facilities Advisory Committee has been meeting since October 2015. This committee is making a recommendation to the Highline School Board. After the recommendation, the School Board will decide on a possible bond measure to send to the voters. Join in the next steps to create better schools for our students! We need our community to lead the effort to rebuild our schools. HEA will actively support the efforts to pass a bond to rebuild our schools!

What is a VEBA account?
VEBA Trust offers two separate health reimbursement arrangement plan designs: the Standard HRA Plan and the Post-separation HRS Plan. All HEA members could have the opportunity to open a VEBA account. Education regarding VEBA will begin at the General Membership Meeting in August. After educating members on the possible opportunity that VEBA offers, we would hold an all-membership vote to determine if HEA employees will join VEBA. The outcome of the vote will be the  same for all members. If the membership votes in support, all HEA educators would open a VEBA account. More information to come. Visit veba.org for more information.
Attend HEA General Membership Meeting

Date: Aug. 29
Time: 4:30 pm
Location: Mount Rainier High School

June 13, 2016

In this Issue ... 
  • Solidarity on June 1
  • Bond Update
  • BarGAINing Update
  • VEBA
  • General Membership Meeting


Q: Is there a calendar for SY 16-17?
A: There is a tentative calendar for SY 16-17 posted on the HSD website and soon to be on the HEA website.

Q: What is the PCT schedule for SY 16-17?
A: There are no changes to the PCT schedule for SY 16-17. Educators place a high value on regular PCT that is acknowledged in the tentative calendar.

Your Contract

THE HEA/HSD Collective Bargaining Agreement will be available on the HEA website.

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