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Happy Spring Break!

HEA Members:
I hope you take the time to refresh and rejuvenate yourself over spring break. The end of the school year will be upon us. Communications about contract issuance and displacements will be coming shortly after break.
Please think about how our classrooms are connected to actions in Olympia and Washington, D.C. and our individual roles in upholding the promise of public education.
Now is the time to stand up in support of the 1.1 million students in the state of Washington. What are we as HEA members willing to do? For our students? For our colleagues? For ourselves? WEA members across the state will be debating many ideas at the WEA Representative Assembly on April 13-15. We will continue to experience attacks on public education and attacks on our union. I hope that we will all think about various ways that we can step up as individuals and as a collective to protect our students' civil right to a quality public education.

Stay tuned for more updates after break.

Sue McCabe

Legislative Action
Are you interested in joining members from across the state in Olympia? WEA members are traveling to Olympia as the regular legislative session winds down. This session is expected to be extended beyond the scheduled last day of April 23. If you would like to use a personal day to join fellow WEA members in Olympia to advocate for full funding of public education, please contact Sue McCabe for more information.

You can keep up to date by visiting WEA OurVoice. To receive updates from the National Education Association regarding member voices, sign up for email updates. Our voices are essential!
HSD/HEA Climate Survey
The Joint Climate Survey has been extended to Sunday, April 2. If you haven't completed your survey, please make time this weekend! You have received reminders to complete the survey. Results will be compiled as soon as possible. Buildings Leadership Teams will be able to utilize the feedback when creating the Annual Action Plan. This is an anonymous survey. Please offer your professional feedback!

Teaching Equity Conference
Here is a great professional development opportunity for you! HEA invites you to participate in the 9th Annual Teaching Equity Conference. HEA will sponsor up to 200 members to attend the Teaching Equity Conference. We will pre-register everyone and forward all information as we receive it. Contact Stephanie Steel to register.

HEA Member Committee Appointments
We have several joint HEA/HSD committees. Your HEA member colleagues have agreed to take on the awesome task to represent all HEA members in making recommendations to the HEA/HSD Joint Bargaining team. Our current contract states the charge and duration of each team.
HEA/HSD Joint Committees include: Assessment, Joint Evaluation Committee, Special Education, WAKids and Bargaining.

HEA Assessment 2-Year Team: Sandy Hunt, Chair, Madrona Elementary; Roseanne Esposito, Cedarhurst Elementary; Anna Marie Gupton, LRC Teacher, White Center; Chris Carlyle, Sylvester Middle; and Elizabeth Beck, WEA UniServ Rep.

HEA Joint Evaluation 2-Year Team: Richard Dunn, Chair, Mentor Lead; Bethany Tate, HS3 High School; Jennifer Flores, Cedarhurst; Katie Farrar, Madrona; Nadia Counter, Cascade Middle; Cate Lucas, IAC Chinook Middle; Betsy Ainsworth-Grimm, PSSC; and Elizabeth Beck, WEA UniServ Rep.

HEA Special Education 2-Year Team: Jessica Wada, Psychologist; Abby Hardy, Shorewood; Paul Diaz, Cascade SLP; Karen MacDonald, RTP; Sue Blazak, Valley View; Ann Kelly, Hazel Valley; and Sue McCabe, HEA President.

HEA WAKIDS Committee: Richard Dunn, Mentor Lead; Kelsey Sikma, Des Moines; and Yazmin Gil, Hilltop.

HEA Bargaining Team: Richard Dunn, Mentor Lead; Christina Smith, IAC Teacher, Beverly Park; Thara Cooper, Music Specialist, Parkside; Juan Cordova, Cedarhurst; Marty Shorb, Sylvester Middle; Veronica Fairchild, Mount Rainier; Rich Coker, Evergreen; Sue McCabe, HEA President; and Elizabeth Beck, WEA UniServ Rep.

What is a VEBA Account?
VEBA Trust offers two separate health reimbursement arrangement plan designs: the Standard HRA Plan and the Post-separation HRS Plan. All HEA members could have the opportunity to open a VEBA account. We will hold an all-membership vote to determine if HEA employees will join VEBA. The outcome of the vote will be the same for all members. If the membership votes in support, all HEA educators would open a VEBA account. Visit veba.org for more information and to help you guide your decision.

March 31, 2017

In this Issue  

* Spring Break
* Legislative Action
* Joint Climate Survey
* Teaching Equity Conference
* HEA Committee Updates


Q: When is the snow make-up day?
A: The snow make-up day is Tuesday May 30th.  It is a work day and student day..

Q: If I am on Premera health insurance, will I be changing my insurance?
A: Yes. WEA Preferred Health Plans have changed.  If you are a Premera client,  you are receiving information directly from WEA. The HEA bargaining team will be working on this issue as well.

Q: When are the Job Alike days?
A: April 21 (optional), May 19. The calendar is on the district website as well.

Your Contract

THE HEA/HSD Collective Bargaining Agreement is available on the HEA website.

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Sue McCabe
HEA President
Ext. 26

Stephanie Steel
Administrative Assistant
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Elizabeth Beck
WEA UniServ Rep
206-246-4340, Ext. 25

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