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Our ability to negotiate salary and benefits for you is at stake!

Collective Bargaining Rights
On April 24, we informed you that our collective bargaining rights are at risk. Superintendent Enfield and superintendents across the state signed letters to our Legislature advocating for "guardrails" on collective bargaining. They are advocating to limit collective bargaining: "At a minimum, statutory limitations must be in place for future collective bargaining agreements that prohibit bargaining of local levy resources for basic duties and responsibilities."

HEA members, is your TRI compensation part of your basic responsibilities? HEA leadership and the HEA bargaining team believe so. Without your TRI compensation, how would you be adequately compensated for the additional work you do outside of the student day?

HEA leadership met with HSD administrators on May 3 to share our HEA membership concerns. We identified areas where HEA and HSD agree. We stand together in our expectation for the state to fully fund public education. We are both opposed to the education funding plan proposed by the Senate, which fails to provide the ample funding students and educators need. Read the HEA statement at the May 3 HSD school board meeting.

Two concerns remain
First, we oppose the recommendations in the letter calling for "guardrails" to collective bargaining, including and perhaps especially, TRI bargaining. We do not believe that additional guardrails beyond those already contained in statute are either necessary or prudent, and we must be clear that HEA opposes any limits on existing collective bargaining rights for K-12 certificated and classified school employees, whether through budget language or by directly changing the existing bargaining laws.

Second, collective bargaining works best when there is mutual trust, respect and open communication. Unfortunately, we believe these principles were not honored when the ESD Funding Paper was signed without either consulting with, or providing notice to, HEA and other employee unions regarding the recommendations included in this letter even though they directly affect educators' compensation, work year, and other subjects that we negotiate together.

The HEA Representative Council took the following action: 

The HEA Representative Council stand with our HEA President and Executive Board in vigorously opposing the letter issued by PSESD and signed by Superintendent Enfield which supports limits or restrictions on Collective Bargaining between our Association and the District and asking that Dr. Enfield remove her support for the PSESD letter.
HEA leadership met with Superintendent Enfield, Duggan Harmon and Steve Grubb on May 22. Despite their agreement with HEA on the need to fully fund public education, HSD administrators continue to be resolute in their support for "guardrails" to collective bargaining.
HEA educators will be sharing their concerns at the June 7 school board meeting at ERAC at 6 p.m. Please support their efforts with your presence. 

Legislative Update
WEA members from across the state joined in "Occupy Olympia." Many legislators were appreciative of our efforts to keep the education funding issues in full view. Five HEA members joined the effort: Ryan Smith, Joanne Glasgow, Amy Hepburn, Sandy Hunt and Sue McCabe.
What can you do?
  1. Oppose the Senate Republicans' budget! Contact your legislators to tell them to stand firm against it and to support a budget that helps students and gets us closer to McCleary-level funding. Check out the WEA OurVoice page for ideas.
  2. Join the HEA McCleary Sign Waving Campaign! There is still one more day of our HEA McCleary Sign Waving Campaign!  Remind our community that our Legislature has NOT done their job. Let's keep the issue out in full view, rather than behind closed doors in Olympia.

    Locations: 4-6 p.m.
    June 6 -- Angle Lake Light Rail Station, 200th & HWY 99 in Des Moines.
    178th – I-5 Overpass
    HWY 99 & 518 overpass
HEA/HSD Bargaining for SY 2017-18
The joint bargaining team is meeting on a limited number of topics this year. Topics include calendar, substitute salary, new legislation, WaKids, special education, dual language, teacher leadership, committee recommendations and insurance medical plans. The joint bargaining teams are meeting on June 2, June 9 and Aug. 21-23. Your HEA representatives include Richard Dunn, Christina Smith, Thara Cooper, Juan Cordova, Marty Shorb, Veronica Fairchild, Rich Coker, Elizabeth Beck and Sue McCabe.
Health Insurance - WEA Select Health Care Plans
For 40 years, WEA has been sponsoring high quality health insurance plans for members throughout the state. These plans are called WEA Select Plans. Premera has been the insurance company providing these plans. As costs have continued to increase and members expressed concerns regarding quality, the WEA Board and our WEA Benefit Services Advisory Board (BSAB) conducted a thorough review and opened up competitive bids for our health insurance plans this year. Based on the bids, the WEA Select Plans endorse two new medical carriers -- Aetna and UnitedHealthcare. These WEA Select Plans begin  Nov. 1, 2017. Benefits will remain the same, with enhancements. It will be important for members to make educated decisionsregarding their health care choices.

Kaiser (Group Health) will remain the HMO option for HEA members.
HEA has a simple survey for you to inform HEA leadership what is important to you as we move forward since HSD is also seeking competitive bids that would be different than the WEA Select Plans.
Starting on June 1, there will be information available for any member to explore the provider list or the benefit plans for the WEA Select Plans offered by Aetna and UnitedHealthcare. We will send contact information as we receive it.
After Oct. 31, WEA Select Plans will no longer be provided by Premera. If you have questions of concerns, please take the survey and/or contact Sue McCabe or Elizabeth Beck.
HSD/HEA Climate Survey
The Joint Climate Survey results are back! Staff in buildings are reviewing the results and identifying next steps. Buildings Leadership Teams will be able to utilize the feedback when creating the Annual Action Plan. Check in with your principal, shared leadership team and your HEA building representatives. Thank you for participating in this year's survey! 
June 1, 2017

In this Issue  

* Collective Bargaining Rights
* Legislative Update/McCleary Sign Waving
* Bargaining Update
* Health Care
* Joint Climate Survey


Q: When are contracts due?
A: Friday, June 2.

Q: If I need to resign after signing my contract, will HSD release me?
A: It depends. If you are moving out of the area, HSD will likely release you. If you are accepting a job at a neighboring school district, HSD will not release you unless they are able to find a suitable replacement.

Q: When is the General Membership Meeting?
A: Aug. 24, 4:30 p.m. at Highline High School Performing Arts Center.

Your Contract

THE HEA/HSD Collective Bargaining Agreement is available on the HEA website.

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