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HEA Supports Collective Bargaining Rights

Thank you to all HEA members who stood in solidarity to support your colleagues' efforts in sharing their concerns in response to efforts to advocate "guardrails" on local collective bargaining. HEA members packed the May 3 and the June 7 HSD school board meetings in large numbers to express concern over one issue, collective bargaining. This was in response to the PSESD legislative letter advocating "guardrails" on collective bargaining.

Courageous educators spoke their truth regarding what collective bargaining rights mean to all of us and to public employees collectively. Your colleagues were articulate and all made the request that the HSD School Board and Superintendent Enfield rescind the support for the PSESD letter that advocates limitations to our ability to collectively bargaining at the local level.

Please stand in appreciation of the following member leaders: Susan Andrews-Salmond, HHS; Mike Williams, HHS; Veronica Fairchild, MRHS; Sandra Aguila, Madrona; Sue McCabe, HEA President, and Shannon Dowdy, HHS. Shannon Dowdy conceded her time to King County Labor Council leaders, President Dale Bright and Katie Garrow, who spoke in support of collective bargaining rights. Pedro Olguin, Teamsters Local 117, Gregory Heights parent and Burien City Council Candidate spoke in support as well.  Anthony Murietta, Teamsters representative for HSD classified staff, stated, "Regardless of what was intended by the words of the letter, it's obvious that all of these people believe your words were an attack on labor. To remove your name from the letter would send volumes to your employees and represented staff."

Despite agreement with HEA and HSD on the need to fully fund public education, HSD administrators continue to be resolute in their support for "guardrails" to collective bargaining.

All school board meetings are audio taped and can be accessed on the HSD website. You can read your colleagues' statements on our HEA website under the School Board Connections tab.

McCleary Action Teams

If you signed up to be a McCleary Action Team lead in your building or if you marked on your McCleary Commitment Card that you are interested in multiple opportunities to engage, mark your calendar for Aug. 14. We need everyone! HEA McCleary Action Party. More details coming! Would you like to join the McCleary team? Email Sue McCabe.

Legislative Update and Stop the Swap

The state has failed for years to properly fund our schools.

Now we're hearing rumors that the Senate Republican’s levy-swap plan is gaining traction as a viable option for ending the standoff in Olympia.

The levy swap: you know, the plan where lawmakers claim that locally-approved school levies now belong to the state, and Voila! Our job is done. We have full state funding of schools.

This is the shell game that moves money around, gives a big property tax break to Boeing and other large corporations, but doesn’t do enough to help students.

Worse, the Senate Republicans' plan severely restricts the use of local levies in the future, creating real impacts to students and educators. 
  • Reduces total funding for special education.
  • Caps how much districts can invest in school staff.
  • Doesn't provide the resources students need to learn.
When the state Supreme Court ruled that our schools are underfunded, they meant it. A swap doesn't address funding -- and actually makes the situation worse.

With just a couple weeks remaining, now is the time to contact your legislators and tell them to Stop the Swap. Senators need to know their plan is bad, and Representatives need to hear that we expect them to stand firm against it. 
  • Send an email to your legislators telling them to STOP the levy swap. 
  • Call the legislative hotline, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to Noon, or 1-4 p.m. at 1-800-562-6000. 
  • Set up a meeting with your elected officials to tell them to STOP THE SWAP. 
Keep up to date on the WEA OurVoice website.
HEA/HSD Bargaining for SY 2017-18
The joint bargaining team is meeting on a limited number of topics this year. We have medical insurance plans completed. Additional topics include; calendar, substitute salary, new legislation, WaKids, special education, dual language, teacher leadership, committee recommendations.  The joint bargaining teams are meeting Aug. 21-23.

Your HEA representatives include; Richard Dunn, Christina Smith, Thara Cooper, Juan Cordova, Marty Shorb, Veronica Fairchild, Rich Coker, Elizabeth Beck and Sue McCabe.

Health Insurance - WEA Select Health Care Plans

Health Care Survey Results:
  1. 93% state that the rate stabilization fund feature of the WEA Select plan is important
  2. 54% state that they want to keep the WEA Select Plans
  3. 56% state that they empower the HEA leadership to balance quality and cost
Based on the survey results from HEA members, the HEA/HSD Joint Bargaining Team negotiated to remain with the WEA Select Health Care Plans with the two new medical carriers of Aetna and UnitedHealthcare. These WEA Select Plans begin Nov. 1, 2017. Benefits will remain the same, with enhancements. Kaiser (Group Health) will remain the HMO option for HEA members. It will be important for members to make educated decisions regarding their health care choices. If you are a Premera customer, please take note of information you are receiving at your home address.
Any member can explore the provider list or the benefit plans for the WEA Select Plans offered by Aetna and UnitedHealthcare. Review this FAQ
After Oct. 31, WEA Select Plans will no longer be provided by Premera. If you have questions of concerns, please contact Sue McCabe or Elizabeth Beck
Burien City Council Candidate Event
Come meet the candidates running for Burien City Council on Thursday, June 22, from 5–7 p.m. Location: Sidewalk on SW 152nd St in front of BECU, The Oilerie and Pickled & Preserved just off of Town Square near 5th Place SW. 

Candidates participating in this event include:
Pedro Olguin (position 1)
Robert Richmond (position 1)
Gary Wood (position 1)
Charles Schaefer (position 1)
Jimmy Matta (position 3)
Nancy Tosta (position 5)
Martin Culbert (position 7)
Krystal Marx (position 7)
The primary election will be Tuesday, Aug. 1, with the top two vote-getters for each position moving onto the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

June 20, 2017

In this Issue  

* HEA Supports Collective Bargaining Rights
* McCleary Action Teams
* Bargaining Update
* Health Care Update
* Burien City Council Candidate Event

HEA Executive Board Elections
You have elected the following individuals to the HEA Exeutive Board for a two-year, 2017-19 school year, term. Thank you for voting!

Thara Cooper -- Special Services Representative
Juan Cordova -- Intermediate Representative
Julie Kastien -- Middle School Representative
Sandy Hunt -- Vice President
Sue McCabe -- President

2017 NEA RA
Your elected delegates for the NEA-RA will be attending the national assembly the week of June 29 to July 6. These individuals are volunteering to represent you by debating the important education issues and setting the direction of the National Education Association business agenda for the coming year. HEA Delegates include: Tamasha Emedi, Tracey Drum, Joanne Glasgow, Amy Hepburn, Sandy Hunt, Jessica Stein, Juan Cordova and Sue McCabe. Please thank your colleagues for donating a week of their summer to advocate on the behalf of all HEA members.

BATs 4th Annual Education Conference
Join the BATs for their Restoring Justice To Our Communities Conference!

Date: July 22-23
Time: 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
Location: Seattle Labor Temple

Click here for registration.

McCleary Sign Waving

Fund McCleary

Thanks to all who joined in the McCleary sign waving on May 9, 16, 23 and June 6. HSD Administrator Steve Grubb joined us at the Kent-Des Moines Road and Highway 99 location. Let's continue to keep this in full view. The end of the second special legislative session is looming large and we need all of us at this critical time.
Spring 2017 HEA Member Grants
Thank you so much for the HEA grant which I will use to buy privacy folders for my kindergarten classroom. This year, I found that it took many of the students a few months to learn how to keep their eyes on their own paper, causing some of my data to be inaccurate. I think that the privacy folders will help solve this problem. In addition, I will use the folders to support those students who are still developing their ability to focus on their work instead of talking with their neighbors. I anticipate that these folders will be amazing tooks and be a big help to my kinders! Thank you again!

Dawn Elwell
Kindergarten teacher
McMicken Heights Elementary

WEA Family!
We are excited to march together again at Pride on Sunday, June 25! Here is the link to RSVP and join in the day! The link also is posted on our Facebook page. Spread the word and join in the fun!

Your Contract
THE HEA/HSD Collective Bargaining Agreement is available on the HEA website.

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