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State legislators decide what happens to our students and to us!
HEA members need to lead on improving our students' learning conditions; educators' working conditions

Are you frustrated by the repeated gridlock in Olympia and the continuous struggle for public education funding? Yes? Well, YOU can help end the state Senate's one-vote Republican majority and their efforts to defund and privatize our schools and to weaken our union.

It's time to "flip" the Washington Senate. We need to return control of the state Senate to a pro-public education, pro-worker majority that will fight for kids and families. We can do this by electing a pro-education, Democratic senator in the 45th Legislative District -- Manka Dhingra.

We need your help to make this happen! We will be doorbelling and phone banking this month. Details are below. Please sign up to volunteer for at least one shift here!

Democratic candidate Manka Dhingra is a deputy prosecuting attorney in King County and has a long record as an advocate for women and working against domestic violence. She is a graduate of the University of Washington and has two children in Lake Washington public schools. As a parent, she has volunteered in her children’s schools, and as a State Senator, she will fight for health care, public schools and an economy that works for everyone.

Democracy is not a spectator sport. It's "use it or lose it." Each of us needs to expand our "comfort zone" and get active, or face a future of weakened unions, underfunded public education, and the continued shrinking of our middle class. We need you!

Doorbell Saturdays are: Oct. 14, 21 and 28, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. each day. Meet at 8151 164th Ave. NE, Redmond.

Please sign up to volunteer for a doorbelling shift to help elect Manka Dhingra to the WA SenateClick here to sign up!

If you are not able to doorbell, the WEA Cascade UniServ Council will be hosting phone banks at their office, 18704 Bothell Way NE, #101, Bothell, on Oct. 23, 24, 25, 26 and 30 and Nov. 1 and 2. There will be two shifts: 4-5:30 p.m. or 5:30-7 p.m. Email Elizabeth Beck to sign up for a phone banking shift.

You can read more about Manka on the OurVoice website.

"Public education is the foundation of democracy and the greatest equalizer. My family moved to this country for the benefits of its education system and the opportunity that this provides." Manka Dhingra, Democrat for WA Senate

HEA leaders are volunteering. Join us!
Saturday, Oct. 28. Please join us! Sue McCabe, HEA President, and Sandy Hunt, HEA VP
Saturday, Oct. 14. Please join us! Elizabeth Beck, WEA UniServ Rep., and Amy Hepburn, HEA WEA-PAC Co-Chair and Mount View Counselor
Saturday, Oct. 28. Please join me! Tracey Drum, WEA-PAC Board and Big Picture Teacher
Volunteering directly with the campaign
Saturday, Oct. 7. Julie Kastien, HEA Middle School Rep and Sylvester Teacher

Burien City Council Endorsements
Are you a Burien resident? HEA WEA-PAC members who are also Burien residents invited all of the Burien City candidates to interview for our endorsement. Our team was able to interview Krystal Marx. Debi Wagner, Nancy Tosta and Jimmy Matta.

Thank you, Amy Hepburn, for leading the interview team of Delila Leber, Katryn Bermudez, Paul Didier, Jorge Bermudez and Teniea Sandlin. Awesome HEA members leading on local politics! 

HEA WEA-PAC Endorsements:

Krystal Marx -- Krystal Marx's commitment to increasing the voices of all Burien residents in the city council's work and volunteer work on the behalf of the Highline School District prepare her to take on the job of Burien City Council member.

Nancy Tosta -- Nancy Tosta's experience on the Burien City Council as a problems solver and her visibility at the community events as well as her efforts to understand the Highline School District prepare her for another term.

Jimmy Matta -- Jimmy Matta's experience as an agricultural worker, union carpenter and community organizer with deep roots in Burien prepare him to represent the perspectives of many Burien residents.

Des Moines City Council Endorsements
Do you live in Des Moines? HEA WEA-PAC members who are also Des Moines residents invited all of the Des Moines City Council candidates to interview for our endorsement. Our team was able to interview Chad Harper, Traci Buxton, Harry Steinmetz, and Matt Pina.

Thanks to Kevin Garber for leading the interview team of Diane Evans, Sherry Edwards and Rodney Olsen. More awesome HEA members leading on local politics!

HEA WEA-PAC Endorsements for Des Moines City Council:

Chad Harper --
 Chad Harper's commitment to education includes leadership with Highline Citizens for Schools, which shows strong support for our students and staff. We are excited that Chad will bring this leadership to our city. He is a strong supporter of collective bargaining and is able to understand how to connect the city to the school district.

Harry Steinmetz -- Harry Steinmetz's experience, focus and knowledge allow him to look at the challenges Des Moines faces, and promote positive change to policy and local government that will help the entire community. 

Matt Pina -- Matt Pina's experience as an incumbent candidate and connection with the city of Des Moines as well as his vision and desire to work with educators and community members will help support the needs of Highline families.

Oct. 6, 2017

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* State Politics - 45th Legislative District
* Burien City Council Endorsements
* Des Moines City Council Endorsements


Q: When will we receive our TRI increase?
A: November paycheck --retro pay for September and October. Look for exact numbers soon!

Q: Is Oct. 13 a work day?
A: No. It is a non-student, non-work day.

Q: When does class size mitigation compensation begin?
A: Oct. 1.

Q: When are the next Job Alike days?
A: Jan. 12 (optional), Feb. 23 (optional), March 23, April 27 and May 18. The calendar is on the district website as well.

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