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Info from your HEA Bargaining Team ...

HEA/HSD have agreed on the HEA TRI increase for SY 17-18. The TRI increase for HEA employees is a 9.1 percent increase. Your TRI percentage last school was 27.5 percent in addition to your base salary. Your new TRI percentage will be 36.6 percent in addition to your base salary. Remember that you received the WA COLA of 2.3 percent in September/October.

The November paycheck will include an additional 9.1 percent increase for November as well as retro payment for the months of September/October. Check your paycheck! This is the largest single increase for HEA certificated members in more than 20 years. This is the result of our collective hard work and a reminder of the importance of union member engagement. We need to keep this in mind as we navigate the new landscape of decisions that were made and are being made by the state Legislature.

The Highline School Board will be reviewing this at tonight's School Board meeting. Consider attending and showing appreciation for our progress toward competitive compensation. 

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