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Educator Appreciation

HEA Members,

Educators work tirelessly every day to ensure students are learning and succeeding. THANK YOU for your amazing work, energy and dedication. Our schools, our students and our families benefit because of you. HEA/WEA/NEA represent so many kinds of "teachers." WE appreciate all educators.

Librarians and Media Specialists
Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers
Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists
School Nurses
Higher Education Faculty
All School Staff

Thank you for being an educator and part of HEA. Take some time to appreciate your own efforts and those of your colleagues in your school. We are amazing both individually and collectively.

In Solidarity,
Sue McCabe

2018-19 Spring HEA Member Grants
HEA announces Spring 2018 HEA member grants for up to $150 for up to 50 HEA members. We initiated member grants last spring. Priority will be given to first-time applicants. Application deadline has been extended to May 18, 2018. Click here for guidelines and click here for application.

HEA Member Grant Recipients -- Jennifer Ferry and Lisa Carlson, Librarians

Thank you, HEA Grant Committee, for choosing to support my proposal to purchase complex non-fiction text to grow my work around the study of close reading. With these funds I was able to purchase six texts which are nominated for 2018 Towner Award. Since receiving the books I have used two of the titles for lessons with 2nd/3rd graders. I have noticed that since students are also participating in the study of close reading in their classroom, they are more engaged and eager to share what they are noticing an author is doing with their work. They are making connections within the book, and they are making association to a previously read title.  I look forward to seeing how my students continue to grow during the remainder of the school year using the purchased titles. Thank you again for believing in the work I am doing with the students of Southern Heights!

Jennifer Ferry
Southern Heights Librarian

Lisa Carlson purchased bookcases to create more appealing displays for the students at Mount Rainier High School. Lisa says "I'll be able to showcase several types of materials at once! Hooray! Click here to enjoy her descriptions and pictures.

HEA Retirement Social
In honor of our HEA members announcing their next phase of life!

May 24, 2018
5 p.m.
Cedarbrook Lodge
18525 36th Ave. S.
SeaTac, WA 98188

All retirees who have announced retirement have received invitations. If we missed you, please email Portia Robinson.

WEA Teaching Equity Conference
HEA is proud to have supported the following members to attend the WEA Teaching Equity Conference this past April: Noelle Jung, Renee Agatsuma, Jason Gardner, Stephanie Nelson, Mirna Meono De Kunkel, Beverly Pecoraro, Steven Chapman, Tam Nguyen, Nancy Shi, Christian Correa, Ana-Claudia Magana, Stephanie Hogan, Dawood Dawood, Stacie Kang-Ricard, Daniela Pena-Avila, AJ Campanelli, Iris Guzman, Lora Guthrie, Rene Hernandez, Judy Cullen, Julie Mahieu.

"I was able to go! And it was fantastic! The student panel was amazing, and I am not saying this lightly. I have attended some panels that have fallen flat, or didn't really reveal new or helpful information. The students who spoke at the conference were well-spoken and had very important information to share about their experiences as students," says HEA member Kristin Plischke-Ryan. "The keynote speaker shared a moving story that, for me, put my job into perspective all over again. Why do I teach? And who benefits? And how can I do my job and help students see every possibility, and from that place of knowledge, achieve all they want to achieve?"

"I walked out of the final session with an awesome list of books to read over the summer! Books that I may be able to order and have my students read next year!" she adds.

Please encourage your colleagues to take advantage of this annual conference. HEA hopes to continue to sponsor this event for all interested members.

National Board Certified Teachers
HEA and HSD have collaboratively built a strong NBCT program. Highline School District is a leader in the nation for supporting teachers to earn their National Board Certification. Our HSD School Board honored this year's recipients in a celebration before the March 7 School Board Meeting.

Please congratulate our colleagues who have earned or renewed* their National Board Certification: Helen Cantero, Denise Lund, Beth Solan, Amanda Coy, Stacie Latimer, Brittany Beaumont, Melissa Cook, Ann Kelly, Amber Swim, Jessica Ingersoll, Alexandria Skagen, Lauren Monroe*, Christie Brown*, Wendy Colmus, Sarah Gerhardt, Kaia Tomokiyo, Anna Kramer, Jodie Ptak, Jennifer Bathelt, Alison Henry, Kimberly Meschter, Heather Boswell, Amy Moore, Jennifer Osgood, Paige Zentner, Kelsie Maney, Joseph Boyer, Marylou Gomez, Yanina Aronova, Sara Ullmer, Shauna Pierson*, Justine Simkins, Amy Flanigan Zadra*, Patricia Larson*, Kari Mansfield*, Jolly Meloottu*, Carrie Howell, Shannon Halliday, Stefanie Skiljan, Linda Wasser Tiffany, Valerie Anderson, AJ Campanelli, Emily Davis, Satprit Kaur, Angela Nguyen, Desiree Robinette.

We are also fortunate to have a skilled group of NBCT facilitators to guide HEA members through this process. Thanks goes to Richard Coker, Nadia Counter, Richard Dunn, Jane Ellen Floodeen, Sandy Gady, Catherine Gustafson, Sandy Hunt, Nathan Lommen, Lauren Monroe, Laura Lee Walrond and Barbara Edwards, who leads the NBCT Program in HSD.

Congratulations to all!

HEA/HSD Climate Survey
The Joint Climate Survey was implemented early this year! Results are back and staff in buildings are reviewing the results and identifying next steps. Building Leadership Teams will be able to utilize the feedback as they create the Annual Action Plan for their school. Check in with your principal, shared leadership team and your HEA building representatives.

Thank you for participating in this year's survey!


May 16, 2018

In this Issue  

* Educator Appreciation
* Spring HEA Member Grants
* HEA Retiree Celebration
* HEA attends WEA Teaching Equity Conference
* HEA Celebrates NBCTs
* HEA/HSD Joint Climate Survey 


Q: Is May 29 a paid work day?
A: No, it is a non-school day/non-work day. Enjoy your four-day weekend!

Wear RED on Wednesdays

Educators across the nation are wearing RED. Our BST and Rep Teams are working hard to encourage HEA members to wear red every Wednesday. Wear BLUE on Tuesdays to support our Classified Team members. Get together, take a picture and send to HEA! 

Dates to Note

May 16: HSD School Board Meeting at ERAC at 6 p.m.
May 17:
 HEA Financial Planning Workshop
May 21: HEA Eboard Meeting
May 23: HEA/HSD Bargaining 
May 23: HEA BarGAINing Rally at ERAC 3:45 p.m.-5:15 p.m.
May 23: HEA Social after Rally in Burien
May 28: Memorial Day
May 29: No School/No Work!
June 4: HEA Representative Council
June 20: Last Day of School

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