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HEA Bargaining Update
As you know, HEA and HSD Bargaining Teams did not meet in June or July. There are three dates scheduled in August: 6, 10 and 17.

We are continuing to see strong settlements across the state. Edmonds EA has a tentative agreement with starting salary at $62,000 and maximum salary at $114,000. Check out the interactive map on the WEA website to learn about settlements across the state.

Aug. 6 Update:

HEA and HSD Joint Bargaining teams met on Monday, Aug. 6. The largest piece to address is the creation of a new salary schedule. The state salary schedule no longer exists and a Highline salary schedule will be created. In addition to salary, there are just over 40 topics that have been raised for discussion at the bargaining table this year. Based on the HEA Bargaining Survey, the highest priorities for HEA members are: increasing compensation, lowering class size/caseload. Additional areas that members identified in the survey include: planning time for Music/PE, Substitute Salary, planning time, teacher leadership, student discipline, impact of high school schedule change, IP grades, Advisory, Library management time, secondary counselor allocation, physical plant safety, class overloads for elementary specialists, staff meetings, and mitigation for LRC overload.

While we do not have specific progress to report at this time, we are optimistic that we will have additional progress on Aug. 10 and 17. HSD has NOT has offered HEA a 3.1 percent salary increase.

Your HEA bargaining team members are: Larcy Amorelle, ESA/Multiple Schools; Thara Cooper, Parkside; Richard Coker, Evergreen High School; Richard Dunn, New Teacher Mentor; Veronica Fairchild, Mount Rainier High School; Marty Shorb, Sylvester Middle School; Christina Smith, Beverly Park Elementary; Elizabeth Beck, WEA UniServ Representative; and Sue McCabe, HEA President.

As stated in the February 2018 E-Focus, our need to bargain hard to direct resources to improve compensation, educator workload and improve the learning environment for students has shifted to the local level to a greater degree than in the past 20 years.

We are committed to pushing hard and putting in whatever bargaining time is necessary to bring our members the best agreement possible.

Join in the activities in August and bring your colleagues. This opportunity will not come along again. Without your participation, we will not make the progress you desire. Let's make sure we are standing together!

In Solidarity,
HEA Bargaining Team

HEA General Membership Meeting -- Plan to Attend!

Date: Aug. 23
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Location: HHS Performing Arts Center

We hope to present a Tentative Agreement for HEA members to ratify. If we don't have a TA, we will discuss next steps. Plan to attend!

HEA BST Actions

1. All Member Rally and 5K Fun Run -- Friday, Aug. 10 (7:30-9:30 a.m. at ERAC) Wear RED! Details below:

  • To avoid stress on our classified colleagues, please park in the Hiline Lanes lot, Sunnydale Elementary lot or on the street. Carpool, if possible.
  • The Bargaining Rally goes from 7:30 a.m. to 8 ish. Rally signs will be passed out in the bowling alley lot. Once the rally is over we'll walk together to Sunnydale Elementary with our signs.
  • The 5K Run will go from 8:30- 9:30. It will start and end at Sunnydale. To participate, print out and complete the attached waiver (there will also be some printed at the event). If you don't want to join in the 5K, you can cheer on our runners/walkers and enjoy snacks.
  • We will have coffee, water, bananas, and granola bars available for runners and observers.
  • We are taking donations for the WEA Childrens' Fund. Bring a checkbook or donate online with your device.
  • After the 5K, you can fellowship with other members at Burien Press for more coffee and a chance to chat and show a strong presence of educators in Burien.
  • WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS for the event as well -- mostly with helping make sure members make it safely through intersections. Please email me if you can help!

2. School Board Meeting -- Wednesday, Aug. 15 (6-7:30 p.m. at ERAC). Fill the room and lobby with RED, and sign up to speak at the meeting. (Appetizers at Azteca at 5)

3. Bargaining Support Rally -- Friday, Aug. 17 (7:30-8 a.m. at HEA Headquarters, 575 Andover Park W., Tukwila 98188) Attend the rally.

4. General Membership Meeting -- Thursday, Aug. 23 (4:30-6 p.m. at Highline Performing Arts Center) Contract ratification or strike vote. Volunteers needed starting at 3 p.m.

Questions? Contact
Sandy Hunt, Grace Whitney or Renee Agatsuma.


Aug. 8, 2018

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* HEA BarGAINing Update
* August 2018 Bargaining Dates: Friday, Aug. 10, and Friday, Aug. 17
* BST Actions: Aug. 10, 15 (at the School Board meeting) and Aug. 17

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Visit our HEA website. Direct URL is www.highlineea.org

Contact Us

Sue McCabe

HEA President
206-246-4340, Ext. 26

Portia Robinson

Administrative Assistant
206-246-4340, Ext. 21

Elizabeth Beck

WEA UniServ Rep
206-246-4340, Ext. 25

We are HEA!

"Why am I a union member? Because I know that without united and collective action, I might not have the rights I do such as a duty-free lunch and planning time. Without the collective actions of my union, I would not be able to afford to live in the Seattle area; I could not afford to teach in the area that I love. Collective action is vital for us to be able to do our jobs and do them well. Without fellow Union brothers and sisters who went ahead of us, we wouldn't have a weekend. United we are strong -- we can speak with one voice. Divided, we are weak and may not get what we need for our students."
-- Renee Agatsuma
Mt. Rainier Science Teacher
Read Renee's full statement.

"Being in a union is the only way for teachers to have a clear and direct voice in decisions made about teaching. One of the most frustrating parts of this job is how there are constantly new directives and decisions made for teachers and our jobs without any input from us, the ones directly responsible for our students' success."
-- Grace Whitney
Cedarhurst Elementary Teacher
Read Grace's full statement. 

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