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Rainier UniServ Mediation Cadre 

The Rainier UniServ Council is launching a Peer Mediation Program to support WEA members in all seven of the local associations in our Council. Mediation is a voluntary process for resolving disputes between and among employees with the assistance of a neutral third party. Addressing interpersonal conflicts and establishing healthy working norms can improve building climate -- which is positive for both staff and students. Rainier UniServ Council mediators have been trained by the King County Dispute Resolution Center in conflict management and mediation skills, techniques, and procedures; teams of co-mediators are now available to help WEA members resolve non-contractual disputes involving non-administrative employees. (For example, two colleagues who are frequently at odds.)

Mediation is designed to create a safe, facilitated environment for the parties to meet and discuss their perspectives, and try to find a positive way forward. Not every conflict is one that lends itself to mediation, so if you have questions about whether the mediation process might be of assistance for a situation at your worksite, reach out to your HEA Rep for more information. In many, but not all, mediations, the parties involved are able to reach agreements that improve their working relationships. We are excited to be able to offer this as a new benefit to WEA members in Rainier, including HEA!

WEA/NEA Representative Assemblies 2019

Candidate nominations are open through Dec. 3.

Interested in learning more about our state and national organization?  Consider running as a candidate for the state or national assembly. Our state and national representative assemblies are where members set the direction of the state and national Association. HEA members are instrumental in moving action items to benefit our students and our members. If interested, please check in with your HEA Building Representative or email Portia Robinson for a nomination form. Voting is in January.
WEA RA Dates: April 25-27 in Spokane
NEA RA Dates: July 2–7 in Houston, Texas

SPARKS - Calling ALL Early Educators!

If you are in the first six years of your career, we have a weekend retreat for you!

You are invited to SPARKS! It is a weekend of learning about the Association and how you can activate your membership to benefit you and your students! Nancy Shi, a teacher at McMicken Heights Elementary, had this to say about her SPARKS experience.

"I had the pleasure of attending SPARKS 2016. The atmosphere was lovely, the people engaging, and the knowledge unlimited. All of the staff who hosted SPARKS were accommodating, and the information they shared enlightening. As a first-year teacher, a contract, and the process behind developing the contract, can be mind-boggling and confusing. There are always the initial questions that one may have: How many vacation/sick days do we have? How do they work? What does overload look like for different positions? The overarching question: What are my rights as a teacher?

The wonderful HEA members were able to make the process of understanding the contract much easier, scaffolding the contract and focusing on some of the most FAQs that a new staff member may have. Even though there was a plethora of information shared and was quite a bit to digest in one weekend, they were able to chunk the information and make going through the contract fun and entertaining. (Those are words I never thought I would use to describe going through a contract.)
Attending SPARKS was one of the best decisions I could have made as a first year teacher and HEA member. I would highly recommend attending if you have the chance because what you'll leave with is so much more than you go in with."

SPARKS 2018 is Feb. 1-3 2019. Interested? Here is the informational flyer and the application. Contact Lori Fleck by Dec. 17.

Training Opportunities

Ed Forum: De-escalation & Behavior Modification
Date: Thursday, Dec. 8
Time: 5-8 p.m.
Location: Bill Baroo's at Foster Golf Course, 13500 Interurban Ave. S., in Tukwila
Cost: Free to HEA members and 3 clock hours available
Download registration form 

WEA Human & Civil Rights Conference
The annual WEA HCR Leadership Training Conference will be held at Mt. Rainier High School! This conference includes dinner and discussion on Friday Dec. 7, at WEA Headquarters, with all training and the keynote speaker on Saturday, Dec. 8, at our own Mt. Rainier High School. HEA will sponsor up to 30 members to attend! This conference is open to all WEA members to Rise Up as WEA leaders and leaders of color in our union. If interested in HEA sponsorship, contact Portia Robinson.

Pre-Retirement Seminar
This seminar is designed for members of Rainier UniServ Council who are planning for retirement, particularlly those within eight years of retirement. Topics will be all things retirement! Contact Lori Fleck if interested. Click here for application

Know Your Contract!

How well do you know your contract? Send HEA the correct answer and your name will be entered into a drawing for a $10 coffee card.

Which of these statements about personal days is CORRECT?
A. HEA members accrue vacation days during Spring Break. 
B. HEA members may use 3 personal days immediately before/after Spring Break.
C. HEA members have 4 personal days in addition to sick days.
D. HEA members must use 2 personal days each year.
E. HEA members have a total of 4 days to code as personal over the length of this CBA.
F. HEA members may use up to 4 personal days every year.
G. If an HEA member does not use a personal day, it is lost.
H. HEA member’s use of personal leave days are deducted from accrued illness leave.

Send your answers to Portia Robinson in the HEA office. All correct answers will be submitted for a drawing to win!


Nov. 7, 2018

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* Rainier UniServ Mediation Cadre
* WEA/NEA RA Delegate Elections
* Training Opportunities
* Know Your Contract

HEA Contract

Our new CBA will be available online some time next week. Hard copies will be distributed to HEA representatives and building administrators as soon as HR receives them from the printer.

HEA Member Grant Applications Due Nov. 26

There are a few days left to submit a mini grant application to HEA. HEA is offering Fall 2018 grants for up to $150. Apply by Nov. 28. Download application and apply

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Visit our HEA website. Direct URL is www.highlineea.org

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HEA President
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Portia Robinson

Administrative Assistant
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Elizabeth Beck

WEA UniServ Rep
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WEA's First Educators of Color Conference

"I attended the first conference for Educators of Color last Oct. 6. HEA sponsored 30 HEA members to attend this conference. This was a result of an NBI that was presented by people of color at the WEA Representative Assembly last spring. The presenter was wonderful. She addressed the topic about culture identity. We were able to meet in different caucuses and discuss strategies about how to organize and incorporate leaders of color at the local level."
Sandra Aguila, Madrona


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