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WA State Legislative Session ... 
is under way! What can you do? Sign up for text messages by texting OURVOICE to 41411 to get regular legislative updates by text message.

Our state has NOT fully funded education yet. Your help is needed to make that happen! There are many more issues such as: special education, staffing including more nurses, counselors and librarians, class size, health care, standardized testing.

Sign up for Member Lobby Day! 

WEA Member Lobby Day is Feb. 18
Below is the link to sign up! And you can recruit your colleagues to join!

When you sign up, there will be reminders and instructions for vouchers.  Mileage will be reimbursed for carpools of two or more people, and lunch reimbursement up to $15.

We will have appointments with our legislators in the 33rd and 11th districts. 
If you live in a different legislative district, schedule an appointment with your home district legislators. Please consider going -- we know how much our future and the future of our students is impacted by the decisions made in Olympia. We experienced increased funding this year, but we aren't there YET!

Sign up here for WEA Member Lobby Day!

Highline High School Community Outreach and Connections
HEA Members at Highline High School have been reaching out to the Burien community to increase community engagement and communication between HHS staff and the community. During PCT time on Jan. 11, HHS staff met for lunch in locally owned restaurants throughout Burien to engage in conversations about how school staff and community members could build sustainable relationships in support of the community and the school. The Rainier Educators of Color Network (RECN), Highline Education Association and the Burien Presbyterian Church provided financial resources in support of these conversations.

At the next RECN meeting, HHS staff will be sharing their learnings and takeaways from the community lunches. Please join to learn about their success: Feb. 27, 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. in the Shared Conference room at the HEA office.

Washington State Labor Education and Research Conference
HEA will sponsor members interested in attending the Feb. 22-23 organizing workshop. This conference is about "Jobs and Organizing." Topics include: Race and Labor, Raising our Voice for Safety, Education Justice. HEA will sponsor up to 25 members to attend. Please contact Portia Robinson if you would like to attend this conference.

More information is available on the conference website and flier.

Student Loan Forgiveness Workshop
NEA Member Benefit research shows that recent graduates are leaving schools with greater and greater debt. NEA Member Benefits Specialist Teresa Muench's presentation will focus on how educators who teach in "high impact" schools can get a portion of their Federal loan forgiven through the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program. In addition, she will cover the current state of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF). Basic financial planning tips on how to live with debt, save for retirement despite paying off debt and the importance of having a plan also will be covered.
Date: March 7
Time: 4:15 – 5:45 p.m.
Location: HEA Office Shared Conference Room, 575 Andover Park West, in Tukwila
Sign up to attend the 2019 Loan Forgiveness Workshop.  

Fall 2018 HEA Member Grants
The following are Fall 2018 HEA Grant Recipients: Tyler Ashby, Isel Betancourt Sanchez, Dona Bien-Aime, Deleste Borowiak-Timulak, Jefrf Bradshaw, Lisa Carlson, Katherine Casey, Erin Church, Zanovia Clark, Claudia Conroy, Juan Cordova, Tamela De Rosso, Nancy Federiuk, Jennifer Ferry, Spencer Flanagan, Megan Fleming, Angela Francois, Jeana Greco, Alana Hammer, Cim Hanson, Kacie Harada, Elizabeth Hoekstra, Claudia House, Amanda Jackson, Julie Kastien, Anna Kramer, Ken Kulk, Alecia Mabalay, Elaina Malcolm, Kelli McSheehy, Corey Mikkelson, Kristina Nicchi, Renesa Nunez Norales, Catherine O’Day, Gabriela Olivarez, Ogadinma Onwuka, Bev Pecararo, Sarah Polda, Michaela Reynolds-Lopez, Heather Ricarte, Andrew Ritsema, Sarah Semroc, Jacqueline Shinn, Nancy Shi, Alex Skagen, Stephanie Skiljan, Leah Stephens, Michael Stein-Ross, Luke Stromberg, Amelia Swinton, Dawn Tessandore, Michelle Thomas, Sara Ullmer, Robert Vegar, Vivienne Vitalich, Ai Vo, Kayleigh Wall, and Joe Weiss.

Requests granted include: clothing for Vietnamese heritage, headsets, "Fahrenheit 451" books, wood rhythm sticks, ukulele, beanbags, story books, subscription to Chordify, books, art supplies, electronic keyboard piano, writing journals, puzzles, music games, stools, light up timer, bilingual books, magnetic letter kit, post high school connection books and more!

Look for the Spring 2019 HEA Member Grant Opportunity! Spread the word to new applicants! 

Highline Anti-Racist White Educators Study Group (HARWE)
A group of White educators began meeting monthly in September 2018, to undo racism in our schools by addressing how our own race and culture impacts our work. Delila Leber, Mount View Dual Language Kindergarten teacher, initiated this study group following her DID Day workshop, "Teaching While White." In January 2019, we will begin a book study of The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys, by Eddie Moore Jr. et al. We welcome more HEA members who believe that this work must be ongoing and life-long, and that it requires sustained engagement, humility, and education. Contact Delila Leber for more information.

HEA Representative Council Supports BLM at School Week
Many HEA members are using resources through the NEA and other organizations to support teaching student about Black History. If you would like HEA to publish any activities you and your colleagues are doing, please send information to Sue McCabe.

As you know, our HEA Representative Council encouraged members to join the national call for Black Lives Matter at School Week, to kick off Black History Month during the week of Feb. 4-8. HEA members invited our HSD School Board to join in encouraging educators to join in the BLM National Week of Action. The HSD School Board may join the encouragement next school year when there has been time to prepare. HEA will continue to encourage schools, teams, and sites to participate in teaching about the themes expressed through the national BLM at Schools movement. The goal of Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools, according to TeachingforChange.org, "is to spark an ongoing movement of critical reflection and honest conversation in school communities for people of all age to engage with critical issues of racial justice." Visit https://neaedjustice.org/ for resources.

School Employees Benefits Board = SEBB
Under EHB 2242, our State Legislature made significant changes to school employee benefits. Our benefits will be changing on Jan. 1, 2020. Please read information as it is sent from HSD, HEA and WEA. You can begin educating yourself by visiting the State Health Care Authority website

When does the change happen? Jan. 1, 2020.

Download the SEBB Program Fact Sheet to begin to learn about our important changes.  


Feb. 8, 2019

In this Issue  

* Washington Legislative Session and Lobby Day
* HHS Community Engagement
* Washington State Labor Education Conference
* Loan Forgiveness Workshop
* Fall 2018 HEA Member Grant Recipients
* Highline Anti-Racist White Educators Study Group
* HEA Supports BLM
* School Employees Benefits Board

We are HEA!

HEA Contract
Our new CBA is on the HSD website!

A new HEA website is under construction.

Mid-Winter Break Feb. 15 and 18

HEA Exec Board 
HEA Executive Board nominations open in March. Look for a postcard to arrive at your home.

HEA South End Social
HEA Members are invited to join in solidarity with fellow union members, unwind and get ready for the weekend! Meet up after contract hours between 3:45 and 5:45 p.m. HEA will provide appetizers and soft drinks. All HEA members are welcome -- even if you don't work in a south end school! RSVP here to our 2019 HEA Social.

Date: Friday, Feb. 22
Time: 3:45 – 5:45 p.m.
Location: All-Star Sports Bar
22303 Marine View Drive S.
Des Moines   

South Sound Saturday School
Sign up for the popular WEA South Sound Saturday School. This is a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and your Association. Free clock hours! Many different professional development opportunities -- TPEP, STEM and more.

Date: March 16
Time: 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Location: Steilacoom High School

HEA will cover your registration fee. Sign up on the WEA website, and send your receipt to Portia Robinson

Are you a WEA PAC member?
The State Legislature has made significant changes that impact us and our students. All HEA members are invited to join WEA-PAC. We did not choose to be educators to be political. However, our jobs ARE political and we need lawmakers who understand the needs of students and our needs! WEA-PAC is the Washington Education Association's political action committee. For the first time in recent history, WEA-PAC membership surpassed 40,000 members! That makes WEA-PAC the largest political action committee in the state.

WEA-PAC recommends and elects pro-student, pro-union candidates -- regardless of party affiliation. Candidates complete a written questionnaire and participate in an interview with WEA-PAC members. Based on the questionnaire and interview, WEA-PAC members make a recommendation.

Together, we can help pro-education candidates win the elected offices that affect our work and help our students!

Learn more about WEA-PAC.

Contact Us

Sue McCabe

HEA President
206-246-4340, Ext. 26

Portia Robinson

Administrative Assistant
206-246-4340, Ext. 21

Elizabeth Beck

WEA UniServ Rep
206-246-4340, Ext. 25


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