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Individual Contracts
Unless a certificated employee will not be working at HSD next schol year, continuing and provisional HEA employees have received an individual contract with a return date of May 22. The first sentence of your contract reads:

"Placement and advancement on the annual salary schedule for the 2019-20 school year will be determined in accordance with the State salary allocation schedule and will be limited to that which is fully funded by the State and in compliance with the state rules and regulations for S275 reporting."

As you know, there is not a State salary allocation schedule any longer, and salaries will be consistent with our HEA/HSD Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). If you have signed your contract, HSD is in the process of correcting this clerical error, and will communicate directly with you to provide instructions about your individual contract. If you have not signed your contract yet, please wait for communication from HSD.

HEA Constitutional Amendments
The HEA Constitution & Bylaws Committee is recommending changes to HEA's Constitution. All HEA members will vote on these proposed changes (also known as amendments) by paper ballot, at work sites, during the week of June 3. HEA Representatives will have a presentation at HEA building meetings where you can ask clarifying questions. Please attend your HEA building meeting to discuss with other members and learn about the suggested changes.

If you would like to attend an informational meeting on the amendments, join us on May 30! 
HEA Informational Meeting 
May 30
3:30 - 5:30 p.m.
Highline High School
401 S. 152nd St., Burien
Room 864 in the Performing Arts Center
HEA Election Results
Our HEA executive board election results are in.

Executive board members elected to a two-year term of 2019-2021:
President -- Sandy Hunt, Madrona Elementary School
Vice President -- Jeb Binns, Highline High School
Middle School Representative -- Christian Correa, Cascade Middle School
Special Services Representative -- Jeff Steen, Evergreen High School
Elementary Primary Representative -- Sandra Aguila, Madrona Elementary School

Executive board member elected to a one-year term of 2019-20:
Intermediate Representative -- Brandice Tranholt, McMicken Elementary School

Representatives continuing on the HEA executive board include Thara Cooper as secretary, Shannon Dowdy as high school rep, Debby Strayer as WEA board member.

These races offered the most candidates that members have experienced in one election cycle, which is exciting for all HEA members. Congratulations to the newly elected board.

Running for any elected office is not a simple or easy thing to do. Thank you to all the candidates for putting themselves forward for consideration. Hopefully, HEA members will continue to have multiple choices when selecting our leaders for the local positions and for WEA board positions.

HEA Retirement Social
In honor of our HEA members announcing their next phase of life!
May 23
5 p.m.
Cedarbrook Lodge
18525 36th Ave. S., SeaTac
All retirees who have announced retirement have received invitations. If we missed you, please contact Portia Robinson. RSVP to her as well! Looking forwarding to celebrating our members who are moving on to a new adventure! 

SEBB -- School Employee Benefits Board
Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, Washington school employees will receive their health insurance and other benefits through the SEBB. School employees are eligible if the employee works at least 630 hours during the school year, regardless of the employee's job classification. Don't wait to learn about the upcoming changes! Get more information here.

HEA Guest Teacher Social 
Please join HEA in celebrating all you do for the students and educators of HEA. We will have HEA swag, red HEA T-shirts, and great conversation!

This is a member recruitment event open to Highline certificated substitutes. Please come with idea for how we can support you!
Thursday, June 13
3:15 - 5:30 p.m.
Angelo's Restaurant
601 S.W. 153rd St.
RSVP to Portia Robinson or call 206-246-4340.

Calling WEA-PAC Members
We need our member advice! There are several opportunities for you to join the efforts in endorsing pro public education candidates into office. If you are interested in helping to endorse possible school board candidates and city council candidates (all five municipalities), please contact Sue McCabe, or Kevin Garber. Amy and Kevin are leading the effort.

King County Labor Council Endorsements: If you are interested in representing HEA at the King County Labor Endorsement dates, please contact Sue McCabe.  Dates include June 15.  



May 16, 2019

In this Issue  

* Individual Contracts
* HEA Constitutional Amendments
* HEA Elections
* HEA Grants
* HEA Retirement Social
* NEA Complimentary Life Insurance
* HEA Guest Teacher Social 
* SEBB -- Benefit Changes
* WEA-PAC & Endorsements

We are HEA!

HEA Contract
Our new CBA is on the HSD website!

A new HEA website still is under construction.

NEA Complimentary Life Insurance
Did you know NEA members have complimentary life insurance benefits? New members can receive $15,000 policy for 12 months at no cost to the member. All members are eligible for $1,000 policy life insurance. Go to neamb.com/insurance and register as an NEA Member. Click on "NEA Complimentary Life Insurance" to Name Your Beneficiary.

New Deadline for $2019 Spring HEA Member Grant$ 
HEA announces Spring 2019 HEA member grants for up to $150 for up to 50 HEA members. We initiated member grants last spring. Priority will be given to first-time applicants. One significant difference between HEA grants and Donors Choose is the materials purchased with an HEA grant are owned by the HEA members, not HSD. Click here for the announcement.

Click here for the application. Apply by May 30.

Are you a WEA-PAC member?
WEA-PAC recommends and elects pro-student, pro-union candidates, regardless of party affilitation. Candidates complete a written questionnaire and participate in an interview with WEA-PAC members. Based on the questionnaire and review, WEA-PAC makes a recommendation.

Together, we can help pro-education candidates win the elected offices that affect our work and help our students! Now is a great time to join WEA-PAC. You can use the WEA website to join! Click here to learn more.

Contact Us

Sue McCabe

HEA President
206-246-4340, Ext. 26

Portia Robinson

Administrative Assistant
206-246-4340, Ext. 21

Elizabeth Beck

WEA UniServ Rep
206-246-4340, Ext. 25


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