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HEA Constitutional Changes
Thank you to all members exercising their right to vote on our HEA constitution. The changes to our constitution were approved with a 99 percent approval. The first change acknowledges 6th grade educators moving to middle school.

ARTICLE IV. Officers
Section 1
D. Two elementary teacher representatives, as defined in the Bylaws, elected by teachers assigned to pre-kindergarten through grade five for a two-year term.

E. Two secondary teacher representatives, as defined in the bylaws, elected by teachers assigned to grades six through twelve for a two-year term.

The second change decreases our local HEA dues by $1/month for school year 2019-20.

Section 1
The annual dues of an active member shall be 0.0036 of the state average salary (mean) for all certificated personnel computed for the preceding year by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Said dues shall be adjusted to the nearest whole dollar.

HEA School Board Endorsements
HEA WEA-PAC members joint a recent King County Labor Council candidate endorsement panel on Saturday, June 15. Candidates for Highline School Board Position 1 participated in a strong candidate panel.  Our HEA WEA-PAC members voted to endorsed Aaron Garcia for HSD School Board Position 1. Aaron Garcia stood in solidarity with HEA last summer. Aaron has supported HSD by re-igniting the Evergreen Booster Club. Finally, he has served as a community member on the Community Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) to guide the bond proposal for our community in order to build our much needed new buildings.

Much appreciation goes to the following members for sharing your Saturday and participating in the endorsement process!  Amy Hepburn, Kevin Garber, Christian Tautua, Rupika Madhavan, Sarah Butler, Heather Ricarte, Russell Stahlke, Brandice Tranholt, Tracey Drum, Jacque Truong, Grace Whitney, Sandra Aguila, Sandy Hunt and Sue McCabe.

City Council Endorsements
Calling all HEA WEA-PAC members!

We need your member advice! There are several opportunities for you to join the efforts in endorsing Pro-Public Education Candidates into office. It is more important for us and our students to have pro-public education candidates in every level of elected office, including our city councils. Please consider joining us in our efforts to endorse possible city council candidates (all five municipalities). We, along with our families and students, must have great representatives in city government as well as at the school board and state levels. If you are interested in joining the efforts for SeaTac City Council Endorsements, please contact Sandy Hunt.

If you are interested in joining the HEA WEA-PAC efforts for Burien City Council Endorsements, please contact Shannon Dowdy.

2019 WEA Summer Learning Institutes
Great WEA training opportunities for members! HEA will reimburse the registration fee for HEA members interested in attending the 2019 WEA Summer Learning Institute workshops. If you have attended a WEA training, you know about the high quality found at these trainings. Topics include: TPEP, ELL, Special Education, Math, ELA, Implicit Bias, Formative Assessment Practices, Gamification and Game-Based Learning, Culturally Responsive Strategies, De-escalation, Autism in the Classroom, Special Education for the General Educator, Behavior Management, Next Gen Science Standards, Data Collection for Special Education. If you are interested, please contact Sue McCabe or Portia Robinson.

Click here to see the workshops.



June 20, 2019

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* HEA Constitutional Changes
* School Board Candidate Endorsements
* City Council Endorsements
* WEA Summer Institute

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HEA Contract
Our new CBA is on the HSD website!

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WEA UniServ Rep
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