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In this issue….School Openings, SEBB Hotline, Events on HEA Website, CBA FAQs - Work Outside Contract Time

Welcome to the First Day of School and the historic opening of the Glacier “Wolf Den!” Thank you to all those who moved classrooms and buildings this summer, with a special shout-out to our amazing educators at Glacier MS, Des Moines ES and Highline HS who continue to dedicate their time to making their learning spaces inviting and safe for all students.  All our schools—but especially these three—would not have opened on time without everyone going above and beyond to make it happen!

Sandy Hunt, HEA President

WEA Health Care Hotline 855-878-4101 (toll free)
WEA is offering support to members who need additional assistance selecting an insurance company and/or plan, or for those who have complicated health care needs, such as a chronic condition or those in the middle of treatment when the new SEBB plans take effect January 1. Also, follow this link to WEA's SEBB Resource Page, with a wealth of information for all school employees.

Upcoming Events on HEA Website
HEA’s website now has an Events page, where you can see upcoming events in either Calendar or List format. There is also a sub-page for WEA Events.

September 16 - First Rep. Council Meeting
The HEA Representative Council will meet at the Puget Sound Skills Center (PSSC) Health Sciences Building, 18010 8th Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98148, from 4:15-6:15pm. Using this new location, we will have an opportunity to change up the structure of our time together. These meetings are open to all HEA Members to attend as observers and occur on the first Monday of the month (except September and April).

Please contact Portia Robinson with your worksite’s representatives’ names and contact information.  If your site or group is having challenges electing a representative this year, please contact Sandy Hunt.

September 29 - Highline Schools Foundation Brat Trot
HEA has purchased 40 free Brat Trot entries for HEA members and accompanying HEA Supporters who wear their red shirts. Red HEA Supporter T-shirts are now available in most sizes. Contact Portia Robinson to sign up for the HEA Brat Trot TEAM and/or request a T-Shirt.
CBA FAQs - Work Outside the Contract Day
We all want to spend our time in impactful and meaningful ways. Your required meeting and training time depends on the roles you serve. (We honor those colleagues managing IEPs!)

Use of time is a working condition that HEA/HPS typically negotiate each contract so be sure to look at language in the current CBA. While each worksite structures time and responsibilities a bit differently, here are some key contract references regarding work time and responsibilities.

•    Base salary: Your base salary covers general expectations that may or may not take place on-site during the contract day – e.g. classroom set-up, planning, grading, communicating with parents, reasonable supervision of students between classes and during transitions to busses, compliance training, and activities associated with Professional Growth & Evaluation (Section 12.1).
•    Professional Learning and Enrichment (PLE): PLE is a supplemental contract to provide compensation for self-directed professional learning and participation in enrichment opportunities which are above and beyond the regular contract work year and/or regular contract day (Section 12.12). You can see salary amounts for PLE reflected on the salary schedule as “Days” and “Prof. Learning.”  
•    Staff meetings: Up to one principal-directed staff meeting per week lasting up to 45 minutes past the contract day; extension possible via Flex Time with notice (Section 4.1.F).
•    Friday PCT: 25% teacher/ESA-directed individual time; 25% teacher/ESA-directed team time, including optional job-alikes; 50% principal-directed time, including admin-directed job-alikes (Section 4.4.B).
•    Flex Time: Up to 20 hours may be used as a resource for the effective operation of schools and programs (Section 4.1.c).
•    Many HEA positions and roles include compensation for additional time and responsibilities; the majority of these can be found in CBA Appendix D.

If you would like to explore the issue of ‘Time” in more detail, you may find this Joint Communication Regarding Professional Responsibility & Time  a helpful resource, in addition to the language in our CBA. The Joint Communication includes a summary of the three main “time buckets” – Base Salary, PLE, and Flex – as well as several specific examples of time usage and how they are covered by the CBA. 

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