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September 19, 2019

In this issue…. First Rep. Council, HEA Committees, Member Events, SEBB, CBA FAQs-Focused Cycle

New time...new place...new training & meeting structures…and even new food
This past Monday, Association Representatives attended their first Rep. Council meeting of the year.  Almost every group & building was represented!  We are still looking for PE and Early Learning Reps. Next month’s new business will be ratifying our annual budget. We meet the first Monday of the month (except April) at PSSC (4:15-6:15 PM), and all members are welcome as observers.

Union Committees Need the "(YO)U"
“Helping my colleagues” and “learning how my union works” are just two of the reasons members have shared for wanting to contribute through committee appointments.  A stipend and mileage are provided for committee work. Please use this link to our micro-survey and apply today.  This round of applications closes Thursday, September 27th. Read more about each committee on the HEA website's Committees page.

Member Input on District Equity Policies
On September 26th, we are looking for members to provide their input on revisions to HSD’s Equity Policy.  Please email Sandy Hunt for more details. 

EOC Conf...FF Protest!...Pub Crawl....Brat Trot...Free Hockey Game and more
Remember to use the
HEA Events page to find a variety of upcoming events open to all members.   

Watch your HOME MAILBOX for your SEBB Enrollment Guide 
This week, the Health Care Authority (HCA) is mailing out your SEBB enrollment guide.  This is a resource to help you research and choose the plans that best meet your needs. An
online version is also available here. Open Enrollment begins on Oct. 1 and this information and referral guide will help you navigate who to call with what types of questions.

CBA FAQs - Focused Cycle Extension
Q - Is there a new evaluation timeline???? 
A - Yes there is! Our lobbying efforts paid off last spring. (hint-have you joined WEA-PAC yet?) HEA and HSD have written a Letter of Agreement (LOA) reflecting the revised law. Classroom teachers may now stay on the Focused PG&E Cycle for up to five years.

So, if you just completed your third year of being on a Focused Evaluation, ask your administrator if you can stay on for year four ("F4"). Remember that either an evaluator or a teacher can require a Comprehensive Evaluation, so the extension is not a guarantee of remaining on Focused, but the new legislation and our LOA do provide that option.

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