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September 26, 2019

In this issue…. Get your RED on, Azteca Socials, NWTSJ Conference, CBA FAQs - Oct. 11 Collaboration Day

RED for ED
Members can show solidarity by wearing HEA t-shirts or other "red-wear" on Wednesdays! (Some buildings pick another weekday.) If you need a t-shirt, please email Portia Robinson with your name, t-shirt size and worksite. This is an open bargain year. We are seeking members to serve on their building or group BST (Bargaining Support Team).

Build Solidarity and Advance Together - October 2nd
Prior to school board meetings, HEA members can enjoy free appetizers and soft drinks hosted by the HEA at the Burien Azteca. All members are welcome. Come as a school or an individual. Azteca Socials start at 5 PM with School Board Meetings (SBM) starting at 6 PM. If you plan to give public comment at the meeting, here’s the scoop.

Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conference - October 19th
HEA members are encouraged to register for the 12th annual Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conference: Rethinking Our Classrooms, Organizing for Better Schools – which will be held at Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle on Saturday, October 19th. This year’s keynote speaker is Barbara Madeloni, education coordinator for Labor Notes, and past president of the Massachusetts Teachers Association. The title of her talk is "Why Social Justice Educators Need to Be Union Organizers." Click here for more information and to register. HEA will reimburse the conference registration fee for all HEA members who submit documentation of registration and payment to Portia Robinson.

CBA FAQs - October 11th Collaboration Day
Q - What are the rules around October 11? Who decides what work I do on that day? Can we hold a job-alike?
A - The purpose of the Collaboration day is to provide time for teacher/ESA teams to work on building priorities.
So, October 11 is much like a team-directed PCT in which the teacher/ESA teams are directing their group time, but the focus must be on one or more building priorities - for example, annual action plan goals or other areas of school-wide focus.
If there are specialists or non-classroom educators who do not have a natural team on-site, or who work in areas around which a building doesn’t have specific priorities, those individuals should talk with their principal about getting together with their natural team (e.g. a job-alike) if they want to work at another worksite. If the principal is supportive, that’s fine; however, there may be building priorities around which the principal would appreciate their expertise that the specialists haven’t been made aware of yet.

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