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October 17, 2019

In this issue…. Oct 25 PCT, HEA Social, LA Adoptions, Conflict Resolution Protocol, NEA Benefits, SEBB Pro Tips, CBA FAQs - Personal Days

October 25th is an optional job-alike date so cross-district groups can meet in job-alike groups (e.g. LA teachers, DL teachers, 4th grade teachers, nurses and so on). Staff must let their principal know if they are leaving to attend a job-alike meeting, who they are working with and what they are working on. For more information, see the CBA FAQ on PCT in the October 10th eFocus.

HEA Autumn Social on October 25th at Cedarbrook.
Plan on attending our first HEA social of the year at Cedarbrook Lodge after your PCT (3:00-6:30). It is open to all HEA members but RSVP by Oct 21st to Portia Robinson so we order just the right amount of food!

Elementary Language Arts Adoption.
The elementary Language Arts adoption team will be announced soon. Opportunities for adoption input for all elementary educators will be announced once the team gets underway.

Secondary Language Arts Adoption.
All LA instructors grades 6-12, including special education, alternative, and dual language program teachers are invited to use the Oct 25th job-alike PCT to come together at Cedarbrook Lodge to learn about the adoption and share their input. Applications for the secondary adoption committee will close at 5:00pm on Oct 28. This is a HEA-Sponsored event in partnership with the school district. Cedarbrook is located at 18525 36th Ave S SeaTac. Carpool anyone?!?!

Helping our Workplace Work More Smoothly! 
Sometimes we all need support to find and address the source of misunderstandings and conflict at work.  A Conflict Resolution Protocol, jointly developed by HEA and HSD, can help members reflect on the nature of the conflict and choose the best path for addressing it.  HEA reps will be reviewing this support tool at the Oct 22nd HEA-HSD joint training being held at the PSSC.

NEA Benefits:
Take full advantage of your union membership by enrolling in NEA Benefits for tips, advice, and cost savings. Want to understand more about life insurance? Check out www.neamb.com/protect.

Enroll in ALL your benefit options before Nov 15. During SEBB enrollment you will have an opportunity to purchase additional life and long-term disability benefits. There will be fewer hoops to jump through for medical certifications if you make these choices this year. You can add those benefits plus make determinations on DCAP or FSA withholdings anytime during the open enrollment window (Oct 1-Nov 15). Signing up for these benefits may require visiting other sites, but the links can all be found in SEBB MyAccount.

Check out these resources if you continue to have SEBB enrollment questions.  
•    Try the Virtual Benefit Fair.
•    Ask ALEX – the HCA's online tool can help you with enrollment and benefit questions.  
•    Call the insurance companies – you are a potential customer and we hear they are being super responsive when people call in. You can find their contact info here.
•    Finally, if you have checked out the other resources and still need some help, you can call the WEA hotline. Please note: it is likely that the help service will need to do some homework and get back to you in a few days. Call toll free, Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., 855-668-5039.
•    WEA’s website also has information, as does the HCA site.

CBA FAQs - Sick Leave vs Personal Leave
All these decisions leave me a bit overwhelmed, how do we use personal days?
Each year, twelve Sick Leave days are preloaded in September. Personal Leave is deducted from your Sick Leave. We are in the second year of a two-year contract. You can use up to four days of Personal Leave in a two-year contract period but can only attach two leave days to a holiday/school break, including the end of the school year. See Section 14.8 of the CBA for the contract language. You do not need to ask your administrator for permission to take personal days, however, signing up for them far in advance increases the likelihood of having a guest teacher pick up your job.

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