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October 24, 2019

In this issue…. October 25th at Cedarbrook, SEBB Pro Tips, Help with Your To-Do List, CBA FAQs - Curriculum Adoption Committee

Secondary Language Arts Adoption-Input begins Friday, October 25th. All LA instructors grades 6-12, including special education, alternative, and dual language program teachers are invited to use the Oct 25th job-alike PCT to come together at Cedarbrook Lodge (
18525 36th Ave S, SeaTac) to learn about the adoption and share their input. This is a HEA-Sponsored event in partnership with the school district.

HEA’s Autumn Social-October 25th.
The social follows the PCT at Cedarbrook (3:00-6:30) and is open to all HEA members, so head over with your colleagues after your team time.

If you don’t see the plans you expected, check to see if they have your correct home address. 

Everyone must verify their dependents. That means uploading the appropriate documents to SEBB MyAccount or taking them into your district’s benefit officer for verification. If your dependents are not signed up by Nov.15, they will not be covered this year. This is a change from prior years.

Stay on track with this handy to-do list:
VOTE using WEA’s Our Voice website to find education-friendly candidates.

•    SET UP YOUR NEA Benefits Account!

•    SET UP YOUR HEA Records online through NEA 360.

•    COMPLETE a Member Materials Grant Application. Deadline has been extended to November 30. Application form can be found here

•    VISIT the WEA’s Our Voice website to get ready to enroll in SEBB.

•    SET UP YOUR SEBB Account.
Between Oct 1 and Nov 15, all eligible school employees must enroll in SEBB benefits to cover themselves and their eligible dependents. Even if you want to waive medical benefits, you must enroll and do so, or you will be defaulted into a plan. 

•    GET HELP with SEBB enrollment from HSD Human Resources staff at these drop-in sessions (bring your dependents’ social security numbers and dependent verification documents when you drop by):

  • October 25 at Central Office (10:00am-6:00pm)
  • October 28 at Evergreen HS Room 254 (2:30-5:00pm)
  • October 29 at Tyee HS Library  (2:30-5:00pm)
  • October 30 at PSSC Health Bldg (9:30am -12:00pm)
  • October 31 at Mount Rainier HS Computer Lab (2:30-5:00pm)
  • November 1 at Central Office North Classroom (10:00am-6:00pm)
  • November 8 at Central Office (10:00am-6:00pm)

CBA FAQs - Curriculum Adoption Committees
How are staff members selected for Curriculum Adoption Committees?
Rules governing a Curriculum Adoption Committee (AC) can be found in Section 13.3 of the CBA and are also governed by law. At least half of the members of an adoption committee must be non-supervisory certificated staff members (HEA members). The process as it is carried out, begins with staff being invited to submit their names. The HEA president then works with the Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) to review and ultimately recommend names for the committee. Applicants will be sent emails confirming their selection. The district will then publish all AC member names on their website. The composition of an AC must include a broad representation from across the district, prioritize the experience of current practitioners and, in particular, be comprised of content area and grade level representatives who will be using the curriculum. Members of an AC can identify training, support and a timeline for a successful implementation of the adopted curriculum.

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