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December 12, 2020

In this issue.... Keep it Private, Help Striking Educators, HEA Elections, WEA Lobby Day, WEA PAC, 2020 Candidate Forum, Check Your Paycheck, Maintain Your License & 1/17 PD Opportunity, Member Advocacy, CBA FAQ - SLT


Say What?  Please express your desire to keep your private information protected from public records requests.  Ask your legislators to protect our personal information by passing HB 1888. 


Help Striking Educators!  Willapa Valley Education Association (WVEA) in Southwest Washington is on strike, after months of hearing "no" from the district about proposals to improve student learning, educator working conditions and pay. Call the Willapa Valley School Board and demand they negotiate a fair contract for WVEA members. 360-942-5855, Ext. 3.  


HEA Elections. Nominations are now open for the 2020 WEA and 2020 NEA Representative Assemblies. Email Portia Robinson for a nomination form or get one from your building rep.  Forms must be signed and turned in to the HEA Office or the Representative Council Meeting by Monday, January 6. 


Come Away to Lobby Day. Olympia is the place to be on Monday, January 20th for WEA’s annual Lobby Day. Join colleagues from around the state to promote equity, combat racism and eliminate discrimination! Email Sandy Hunt if you are interested in joining us in Olympia that day. Check out our other 2020 WEA Legislative priorities on the Our Voice website.


WEA PAC (Political Action Committee). Actively promote education-friendly candidates and policies by signing up for two easy monthly political action deductions:  WEAPAC ($2.25/mo) and NEAPAC  ($1/mo). If you’re extra motivated this year, turn that into an extra $20.20 contribution. Donate with just a credit card. (Guest teachers, this is the way to go!) 


Tune into 2020. Are you wondering which presidential candidate will best address your needs?  Compare the positions of multiple candidates at NEA’s Education Votes. Then check out your favorite during the Presidential “Public Education Forum” this Saturday, Dec 14 (6AM-2PM) livestreamed on MSNBC.com and on MSNBC programming.    


Check your Paycheck. Annual updates to your placement on the salary schedule may generate the need for backpay to September.  Those payments typically show up on a November or December paycheck.  Log into Employee Online and under Pay Information select Check Stub to review your monthly paycheck records. 


While you are there, you can check where you have been placed on the HSD salary schedule.  Look under Job Information and select Current Job.  You will see placement information such as:

    Job Title: (Your position this year)

    Salary Schedule:  Certificated (w/ degree)

    Salary Grade: Column where you are placed (Degree + credits)

    Step:  years of service (including time spent substitute teaching but rounded down)

    Job Title:  repeats with Extra Days, Professional Development as well as other stipended roles (including DL, SpEd, CTE, etc)

Maintain Your Professional License. Do you know when your professional license expires?  You must maintain your own professional certification at the OSPI site. Please keep your account current, including contact information.

Sign Up and Be Ready to Re-certify. A number of changes for recertification went into effect this summer, for example, the need for STEM credits. HEA is partnering with HSD to offer a 3-hour WEA course for teachers (along with a separate individualized course for ESAs) to be held on the next Job-alike Optional date (January 17, 2020). Please sign up on the HSD PD calendar and watch for two follow-up WEA courses that will support you in leveraging Personal Growth Plans (PGPs) to recertify using work you are already doing. 


When We Advocate….We Win!  Thank you to members who have asked building reps and executive board members questions about our contract.  Here’s a few examples….

    Sylvester teacher and Rainier Council Director Julie Kastien questioned her paycheck after attending a required Camp Waskowitz training.  As a result of attendance being required, we determined that ALL training attendees are eligible for their Per Diem rate this year.  

    Nurse Julie Nguyen questioned why part-time nationally certified ESAs were not receiving the full locally-bargained stipend.  We determined that because all part-time National Board Certified Teachers receive the full base bonus, all our ESAs stipends will follow suit.  

    As a result of questions raised about the contract, we are currently working with the district to clarify ESA Mentor roles and Adapted PE teachers' working conditions!


CBA FAQ – SLT & Other Ts

Q: Can our IPT/ILT/PLT serve as our school’s Shared Leadership Team (SLT)?

A: If a school has set up the another leadership team to function as the SLT, then that team must operate and perform all the functions of the SLT as outlined in section 4.12 of the contract. In addition, those team members must be voted on/elected by the certificated members on staff (not appointed by administrators) as outlined in the CBA.