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January 30, 2020
In this Issue...Shape WEA PD, Bargaining News, Unspoken Truths@Sylvester, Champion Change, Nominations Open, NCUEA Webinar, CBA FAQ - Changes to working conditions often require bargaining

Dear HEA Members,
As we move into a new decade, please help us shape future course offerings by participating in WEA’s current Professional Development Network (PDN) statewide survey. Your time is important, so we’ll keep it short—about 10 minutes.  We look forward to reviewing your opinions and ensuring you have access to trainings you value the most.

Your Voice Matters,
HEA President

P.S. Please also make sure to complete Highline's Climate Survey! We need to hear from you!
Support Our Bargain: We are looking for Contract Action Team members to serve on the core planning team in support of our Bargaining Team and Actions. We also need Bargaining Support Leads in each building to gather contact information so we are ready for action over the summer. Please contact Sandy for more details. We will be meeting next in March.

Bargaining Update: Your HEA Bargaining Team spent two days this week with the HSD Bargaining Team, getting this year’s negotiations underway. Members of the District Bargaining Team include: Chris Larsen (Human Resources Executive Director), Pete Misner (Instructional Leadership Executive Director), Andrew Burgess (Business Services Controller), Lisa Escobar (Principal, Big Picture School), Tremain Holloway (Co-Principal, Highline HS), Mike Fosberg (Principal, Shorewood ES), Maggie Heater (Asst. Principal, Marvista ES), Colin Ryan (Director of Title 1/LAP/ESSA), and Buzz Porter (Attorney). Remember that you can meet members of the HEA Team here. When the two teams are spoken of together, we often refer to them as the “Joint Bargaining Team.”
On January 27, the Joint Bargaining Team participated in a training, facilitated by Elizabeth Beck and Buzz Porter. This included a general overview of the Interest-Based Bargaining (IBB) process and a detailed review of Highline’s IBB process, since there many different variations in how the IBB process can be structured. The teams also developed norms for their work together. On January 29th, the two teams began to outline their tasks, including a review of the various Letters of Agreement (LOAs) and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) that must be discussed during bargaining - in addition to issues related to the core CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) and Joint Committee recommendations. The list of substantive and editorial issues to be addressed in the coming months will be more fully built when the teams meet together in late March, since the HEA Team will be collecting information from Listening Sessions and our Bargaining Survey in the interim. Speaking of which, please consider attending one of the listening sessions listed below, and keep an eye out for the HEA Bargaining Survey, which should arrive in your home email in early February.
Bargaining Listening Sessions:  Please attend a Listening Session, facilitated by members of the HEA Bargaining Team. We want to know your issues in order to identify our bargaining priorities. 
•    Monday, February 10: Secondary DL (3:30) & Elementary DL (4:30) in the North Classroom at Central Office (please note date correction)
•    Wednesday, February 12: Sessions at 4:00 and 5:00 for Special Education teachers in the South Classroom & ESAs in the Board Room at Central Office
•    Thursday, February 13: Secondary General Education (3:30) & Elementary General Education (4:30) in the Board Room at Central Office

Off-site EOC Listening Sessions:  We look forward to learning more about the experiences of our HEA Educators of Color as we host Listening Sessions on Feb 20 at 3:45 & repeated again at 4:45. Please note the revised location: Burien Community Center (Shorewood room) 14700 6th Ave SW. Burien (Down the street from the Kaiser Permanente Health Clinic).

Unspoken Truths: The Traveling American History Museum:  Delbert Richardson returns with his powerful stories and artifacts documenting the White Supremacist history of the United States. Important overlooked contributions across time by African civilizations and African Americans are also on display.  Please note the date change: February 24th 6:00PM at Sylvester Middle School.  16222 Sylvester Rd. SW, Burien

Be a Change Champion!  Find your passion and be a Champion of Change for your students and colleagues. The WEA OurVoice website allows you to filter and get updates to promote causes you care about the most. You can also sign up to receive regular updates on the bills moving through the legislative process that you care about the most. Thanks to those who joined HEA leadership in Olympia to lobby on January 20th: Anamarleny Alvarez, Brandice Tranholt, Debby Strayer, Jeb Binns, Joanne Glasgow, Leslie Sokolik, Paul Diaz, Marissa Uchima, Saxon Freiner, and Heidi Marrone.

Here are several things we supported, and you can too—just use the links to share your thoughts with your representatives in Olympia. 

•    HB 2012 / SB 5821  Would provide equitable bonuses to K-12 ESA staff who achieve national certification through their professional organizations. WEA members who testified in support of this bill included Paul Diaz, a speech language pathologist from Highline. (Thank you, Paul!)
•    SB 6047: Prohibits retaliation against school district employees that report noncompliance with individualized education programs, received favorable testimony from The WA State Bada** Teachers Caucus.
•    SB 6066: Expands ethnic studies materials and resources for public school students in grades kindergarten through six. This bill would "identify existing learning standards instead of adopting separate standards on the topic."
•    HB 1888: Prevents anti-union groups like the Freedom Foundation from getting the birth dates of public employees from the state. While this seems like a no-brainer, it is not. Newspapers are against this personal protection for public employees.  Your email or phone call called is needed to urge your representatives to support this critical bill.  

From the WEA Nominations & Elections Committee Chair:  A strong healthy democracy leads to a strong healthy union. WEA elections are coming up Feb 9 to March 1. WEA is now accepting nominations for WEA Board Directors, Delegates to NEA RA, and NEA State Director. Information for each position, including responsibilities and terms of service, is available on the WEA website.  Nominations will be accepted online
through Feb. 2. All candidates must also submit their relevant biographical information by the Feb. 2 deadline.
Three additional NEA RA Delegate positions are open in a special election.  Please complete a nomination form by Monday, Feb 3 if you are interested in running. Forms can be obtained from, signed and scanned back to Sandy Hunt and Portia Robinson. You can also drop the form at the HEA Rep Council meeting at PSSC Health Building 18010 8th Ave S. by 4:30PM.  Watch for details about election results in next week’s E-Focus. 

Public Policy and Organizing Webinar:  As local members of the National Council of Urban Educators Association (NCUEA) you are invited to participate in their next video conference call.  Join the discussion on the ongoing fight against resegregation in Little Rock, Arkansas with Little Rock Education Association president Teresa Knapp Gordon.  Learn how the Little Rock Education Association organized their members, the parents, and the community to stand together and how they brought national attention to the battle against the Waltons and other privatizers seeking to destroy public education. The call will be Tuesday, February 18th at 3:30PM. Contact Sandy if you would like the Zoom Meeting details.

CBA FAQ – Changes to working conditions often require bargaining
Q.  What should happen when a new program, policy or practice is introduced by the district, like Ready K!  or Developmental Preschool Pilot Programs, that impact our working conditions?

A.  Ideally, the District has involved our members proactively, and informed HEA leadership of any programs or policy changes that may impact our working conditions.  HEA and HSD will review the changes to identify how the recommendations align with current contract language. Any proposed changes should then be bargained prior to implementation.  Depending on the scope and timing, bargaining can occur at the table during a full bargain or through impact bargaining teams. If you are ever working on a district initiative and start to wonder whether recommended changes may come in conflict with our CBA, please contact your HEA President.