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February 13, 2020
In this Issue...VOTE WEA NOW, Bargaining Update-Take the Survey, Congrats to NBCTs, WEA Caucus Corner-The BATs, Powerful PD, CBA FAQ - Student Discipline

Take Few Minutes and Vote Today. WEA elections are open, and there are a number of Highline and Renton candidates hoping to be your next WEA Board member and/or state delegate to the NEA Representative Assembly in Atlanta. To vote you will need to go to this link where you will find instructions on how to log in. Click on each candidate's name to see a short biographical description. If you need help, simply click the "I Need Help" option, and WEA will get back to you within 24 hours. Voting runs through midnight March 1 with any run-off elections beginning on March 8. Use this link if you would like additional information on your RAINIER COUNCIL Board of Director candidates. An email with this same information was sent to home email addresses. You are encouraged to share this information with fellow HEA members.

Bargaining Update

HEA Bargaining Survey Closes Feb 22. One of the most important sources of data for guiding the work of the HEA Bargaining Team is the HEA Bargaining Survey. Please share your priorities along with your thoughts and opinions about issues we are likely to discuss at the table.  Please get comfy and set aside 30 minutes to complete this year’s survey. While this sounds like a lot of time, please remember that our team will spend countless hours working on our behalf. Thank you for your input to improve working and learning conditions in Highline.

Bargaining Listening Sessions Please attend a Listening Session, facilitated by members of the HEA Bargaining Team. These listening sessions are an additional source of qualitative data for the bargaining table. 
•    General Education Listening Sessions: Secondary (3:30) & Elementary (4:30) in the Board Room at Central Office on Thursday, February 13.
•    Special Off-site EOC Listening Sessions: We look forward to learning more about the experiences of our HEA Educators of Color as we host Listening Sessions on Feb 20 at 3:45 & repeated again at 4:45. Please note the revised location: Burien Community Center (Shorewood room) 14700 6th Ave SW. Burien (Down the street from the Kaiser Permanente Health Clinic)

Time to Celebrate National Board Certification

Come Celebrate Our New NBCTs. Congratulations to Highline Educators who achieved National Board Certification in December.  Please honor their achievement at the National Board Recognition Ceremony on March 18 at 5:00pm. They are: Sally Aristizabal, Brandi Ball, Dione Batiste, Arin Beatty, Amelia Bowen, Zanovia Clark, Michiru Conrad, Ashley Desantis, Dana Dyer, Stephen Dziadosz, Hannah Eastham, Andrew Fairweather, Melinda Freeland, Kevin Garber, Jenny Haaland, Chelsea Hinderlie, Carolyn Hylander, Erik Kory, Katelen Phelan, Stacy Pothier, Lisa Theofelis, Hannah Wadsworth, Michele Williams, and Lauren Wood.

Shout Out to Renewing NBCTs. Two of our very own candidate facilitators, Jane Ellen Floodeen and Catherine Gustafson, will be among the newly renewed NBCTs. Additional renewals we are celebrating with: Renee Agatsuma, Kristin Alfonzo, Nancy Becker, Amy Burge, Erika Calhoun, Catherine Cassidy-Harang, Nancy Federiuk, Michael Kamin, Allyson Kemp, Jennifer Reese, John Rhodes, Sara Schafer, Darla Stremel Hays, Phuoc-tien Vo, and Marcie Wombold.  Many thanks to NBCT Barbara Edwards for her amazing work supporting our members through our nationally recognized support program. Please email Barbara Edwards for more information.

WEA Caucus Corner

Join a Caucus. As a WEA member, you may wish to join an affiliated caucus of like-minded members to promote issues, awareness, and knowledge of importance to you.  Watch here for information in upcoming weeks on other caucuses you can join for a small fee.  You must join each caucus annually and pay each fee separate from your union dues.

Are you a Bad A** Educator?  Consider joining the BAT Caucus whose mission is to promote public schools, equity through social justice, and quality learning experience all students deserve.  Members are dedicated to the idea that quality, free public education is the foundation of a democracy, not to be exploited by profit-seeking interests. With an annual dues payment of $10, you can join both the NEA and WEA BAT Caucus. Register here.

Register for Powerful PD (Fees for Union-Sponsored Events will be reimbursed by HEA after attendance.)

Rainier Educators of Color Network (RECN).  Did you attend the amazing Equity Conference hosted by RECN and want to sign up for their next Implicit Bias session?  Or maybe you want to be part of this amazing network?  Email Shawna Moore for more info. 
GLSEN Washington's LGBTQ Youth Leadership Conference.  Here is another can’t miss event. In its 16th year, the WEA LGBTQ Caucus is Co-Presenting GLSEN Washington’s annual conference on Saturday, March 28th, 2020 from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm at Seattle Academy. NEA will be presenting a session on Employee Rights and Intersectionality. Student sessions are still being finalized. The conference is open to Students, Educators, and Community members. Register here.

CBA FAQ – Student Discipline
Q. Disruptive student behavior seems like a huge problem at my school. What can we do?
A. Maintaining student discipline and providing sufficient student behavior supports are huge challenges facing many schools in Highline (as well as across the state - and nation), and there are no easy or simple solutions. However, we rarely make progress on challenges without focusing on and talking about them. When was the last time your school staff had a discussion about your school’s disciplinary/behavior standards and your process for enforcing them? What’s working, and what’s not working? How could your school community improve upon things that aren’t working well? Our CBA (Section 3.4.O.) requires that the principal and school staff confer at least once per semester on this topic. Now that second semester is underway, reach out to your principal(s) and HEA Reps to ask when this discussion item will be on the agenda of an upcoming staff meeting or PCT (if it hasn’t already happened).