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 Dear HEA Members, 
Amidst all that is going on, I am very excited to share that your HEA bargaining team has reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) on the open bargain with the HSD bargaining team!  Please register your intentions here to attend the HEA General Membership meeting on Wednesday, Sept 2 from 4:00-6:00PM.  This is an opportunity for ALL members to come together in solidarity, learn about the important gains our bargaining team was able to achieve, and vote to ratify the agreement.  Below is a timetable for this week’s actions:
•    Monday@4:30—The HEA Executive Board will review the TA (tentative agreement).  
•    Tuesday, on or before 5:00PM—All HEA members will receive a 50+-page document with all proposed contract changes included, sent to their home email address on file with WEA.  
•    Wednesday, on or before 12PM—All HEA members who have home emails on file with WEA will be emailed a zoom link to the General Membership Meeting and a link to a bulleted summary of the proposed CBA changes. 
•    Wednesday @3:30PM—Members will be allowed into the GM zoom room--please rename with your name that is on file with the union. 
•    Wednesday @ 4:00PM—The GM business meeting will come to order and the bargaining team will present the tentative agreement.  This will be followed by a Q&A. A motion will then be made to accept the tentative agreement and debate will commence using Sturgis Code of Parliamentary Procedure.  After debate, all present will use the anonymous polling feature in zoom to cast their vote.

Your bargaining team has been unstoppable, working on behalf of the entire membership over the course of many, many days spread across the past 10 months, first in person and then entirely through multi-hour zoom sessions.  I would like to extend my warmest appreciation to Thara Cooper (Bargaining team chair/DL MS/Specialist) and our dedicated team of professionals:  Jeb Binns (Executive Board liaison/HS), Veronica Fairchild (EOC at large/Central Office/HS), Richard Dunn (Primary/ECE/Eval Spec), Claudia Conroy (Intermediate/DL Elem), Rich Coker (DL HS), Edissa Jaramillo (SpEd/DL MS), Julie Mahieu (ESA/DL MS) and of course the incomparable Elizabeth Beck (WEA).  

Finally, a reminder, the COVID Impact Bargain Opening MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) was released in your Aug 20 Efocus and was reviewed with the HEA Rep Council this past Friday.  They are preparing to present it in buildings soon.  We continue to hold weekly meetings to address all unresolved impact bargaining issues including special education, ESA, specialists, and schedule issues among others.  After reading the agreement, if you have questions, feedback or suggestions, please use this handy form to share your thoughts.

My thoughts are with you as we transition back to a new school year.  Your health and safety are our number one priority!  Please register for the GM meeting and see you Wednesday!

All of my best to you,