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 Dear HEA Members,

On behalf of the HEA bargaining team, I am pleased to provide you with a preview of all of the proposed changes to our Collectively Bargained Agreement for your review prior to our ratification meeting tomorrow. The first document is a compilation of the actual language changes, while the second is a bulleted list of major changes in summary form.  You will have an opportunity to hear more about them, get questions answered, and vote to accept at tomorrow's General Membership Meeting.  Please attend!

The HEA Executive Board reviewed this Tentative Agreement (TA) yesterday and are excited to recommend it for your approval.  As you go through the agreement section by section you will see that there is an impressive range and number of improvements.  

Please show your support for the countless hours of work our dedicated team put into this agreement by registering today and then attending the HEA General Membership Meeting tomorrow. By registering, you help ensure we will have a quorum for our meeting. Here is the timeline for tomorrow's activities:

•    Wednesday, on or before 12PM—All HEA members who have emails on file with WEA will be emailed a zoom link to the General Membership Meeting.   
•    Wednesday @3:30PM—Members will be allowed into the GM zoom room--please rename with your name that is on file with the union.   
•    Wednesday @4:00-6:00PM—The GM meeting will come to order and the bargaining team will present the tentative agreement.  There will be an opportunity for Q&A.  A motion will be made to accept the tentative agreement and debate will commence using Sturgis Code of Parliamentary Procedure.  After debate, all members will use the anonymous polling feature in zoom to cast their vote.  This will ONLY happen if we have a quorum of 350 or more members present at the time of the vote.  If we do not have a quorum, we will need to delay the start of the new contract and set up another ratification vote.

Thank you in advance for taking time out of your busy schedules to be present for tomorrow's vote on our 2020-22 CBA (contract).

In solidarity,