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In this issue:  COVID MOU & Problem-Solving Update

September 18, 2020

Dear HEA Members,

I feel your pain, and we are working to address the unsustainable workload that some administrators’ interpretations of our MOU has generated.  Give yourself grace, put your email on autoreply, and say no to things that are not absolutely necessary.  Notify us if you are being directed to do work that has not been part of your normal professional expectations in the past.  For example, if you are being asked to contact every family every week and that is not something your administrator has asked of you in previous years, then that should be brought to impact bargaining, which is next scheduled for Sept 29. Here are a few things we have been addressing in recent Labor-Management / Problem-Solving meetings:

  • Please use your SLT to work out communication norms for colleagues entering and exiting your Zoom spaces and under what circumstances you are required to allow a colleague to join your classroom or meeting.
  • Our administrators have the right and responsibility to visit all classrooms and meetings as well as set individual meetings at a mutually agreed upon time. Please send them Zoom links and include them on your PLC agenda when requested.
  • If your administrator takes over your PLC or other Collaborative Planning meeting agendas, please address that with them directly as a team, use your SLT to establish written expectations and norms, and use your Reps to troubleshoot if norms are not being followed.
  • We are working with HSD Human Resources to provide greater clarity around expectations for the 150 minutes of Collaborative Planning Time. Please look for a Joint Communication in the next few days.  On Wednesdays, you may be required to spend 60 minutes with a PLC (Professional Learning Community). If required, this should be an educator-selected, natural team teaching THE SAME LEARNING STANDARDS. This time should be spent on using student learning indicators to plan upcoming instruction based on the four PLC critical questions. You are expected to document your work in manner that authentically supports growth and development. Your administrators may be part of your agenda in order to examine how this supports your school’s annual action plan (AAP) or other goals. 
  • Additionally, you have 90 minutes to connect with teams and individuals of your own choosing so that you can meet the whole-child instructional needs OF YOUR STUDENTS. Approximately 45 minutes of this time will be spent in a pre-planned group and some time will be spend on emergent student needs. Natural collaborators might be your content or grade level team, your para, your student’s LRC teacher, a co-teacher or partner teacher, your ELL facilitator, etc. You might also be attending an IEP or MDT meeting for your student during this time. Your principal will likely request that you provide your weekly meeting schedule, including Zoom links. Again, please review the Joint Communication carefully when it is published.
  • Substitute teachers are readily available.  Principals have received direction and it is now posted on the HSD Staff Hub.  
  • We are also working on attendance, virtual Camp Waskowitz, as well as bargaining a partial return to in-person learning for some ILC and CBS students.  A more complete report will be sent to those who are impacted as we reach agreements.                                                                                                    

You can find our COVID Impact bargaining agreement on the HEA contract page along with the new salary schedule. After reading the agreement, if you have questions, feedback or suggestions, please use this form to share your thoughts.  

Click here  for a list of this year’s HEA Rep Council and Executive Board meeting dates. 

Last, but not least, PLEASE report your COVID Captain names here. We need names for each worksite ASAP. Particularly if you have an ILC.  Thank you!

Warmest wishes,