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In this issue:  New L&I Guidance, ILC Recall Postponed, Oct 5th is Member Monday, Safe Schools R US, Impact Bargaining Update, Pro Tips from U, NEA Benefits & WEA Workshops 

October 2, 2020

As we wrap up week three of working with our beloved students, take a moment to reflect on the strides both you and they have made since September 10th.  Union leaders are working alongside you and around the district, state and nation.  One example of that effort is the recently released Employer Health & Safety Requirements for School Scenarios.  

This document outlines the requirements for face to face instruction and was instrumental in pushing back the start date for students who attend Highline’s ILCs. While having all the necessary PPE is key to opening buildings, a strong return to buildings in predicated on having health and safety leadership roles filled, safety protocols in place, clear communication and meaningful training on these protocols, communication of the plan with staff as well as with interpreters for all families and students as needed.  

Union Monday. On Monday October 5th we will be replacing the typical Rep. Council meeting with other options to continue to move forward on racial justice and help members stay safe if there is a return to learning in buildings.  We hope all HEA Reps will attend what they can and encourage all members to join who can make it. 

  • 4:00pm-5:00pm WEA President Larry Delaney will hold a School Safety Townhall as schools begin to transition students back into school buildings. Check your focused or spam folder in home email since a WEA email was sent to all 90,000+ WEA members.  Hope you can join.  Links will be sent by WEA to all members on Sunday evening.
  • 5:00pm-6:00pm A HEA meet up will follow the WEA Townhall with our own sessions.  This event is a follow up the August 5th member convention in which attendees began to chart the course for our union transformation. There will be a recap of recently bargained equity language and opportunities to join breakout rooms to design the next steps in our journey as an anti-racist union.  Additional interest areas that may be available.  Please complete this registration link to receive a zoom invitation on Sunday afternoon for Monday’s sessions. 
  • 6:00pm-7:00pm For those who want a third option, learn about national plans for BLM in Schools 2020-21 then bring those ideas back to Highline to take BLM in Highline to the next level. Please attend the NAACP School Year of Racial Justice to help your school can get involved.  Register Here. 

Safe Schools Depend on Us All.  Some schools continue to need HEA member leadership to ensure district safety plans are localized for your building. For your safety and that of your colleagues and students, please volunteer for your school’s safety team.  With the opening of ILC classrooms postponed, we have the gift of time to better prepare for a phased in return to in-building instruction. How can HEA COVID Co-Captains help steer the work with admin and safety teams? What needs to get done?  

  • Bring in and center the voice of your nurses when having health and safety discussions.
  • Recruit a health and safety committee with the direction and support of your SLT
  • Establish realistic training dates and communicate the need for ALL staff working in the school to attend (HEA and Teamsters).
  • Establish an orientation process for substitute teachers on their first day of instruction
  • Ensure training systems will be in place for new staff and new students who arrive later in the year.
  • Access interpreters at the point you are directed to speak with families about their child’s return to instruction.
  • Communicate the need for extensions of timelines if deadlines are not being met.
  • Ensure ample ventilation for all instructional space.

COVID Impact Bargaining Update.  Bargaining and Labor-Management problem-solving continue weekly.  Thank you to Jeb Binns, Claudia Conroy, Thara Cooper , Edissa Jaramillo, and Julie Mahieu as well as Bianca McClusky, Larcy Amorelle, Maranda Wallburton Smith, Kathleen Murphy, Jessica Swart, Kristi Friar and Stacy Harris in addition to all of you who have already stepped up to take on safety leadership roles!

  • Instruction Blocks need to work for your classes and for you.  Develop a sustainable system for teaching, posting, reviewing and giving student feedback.  Work with your team to share the load and have a clear rationale for those activities you will review and give feedback on.
  • Elementary Specialists:  We are working on a member-driven request for 1 synchronous and 1 asynchronous activity for every Music and PE class, as well as dealing with bell to bell zoom expectations. Librarian expectations will be evolving, and we are actively addressing their workload.
  • 1:1 Connections is a hot topic we will continue to address.  Please continue make your concerns known to your administrator. HEA Reps are encouraged to schedule Labor-Management meetings on this topic.
  • Attendance should take minimal time.  Please share any tips you have using this link.  
  • Bio-breaks.  Be sure to take breaks between classes. Use passing periods or end class early enough for self-care.  
  • Help Me If You Can….Ask for support from your administrator to identify work that our classified staff can do to support your work. please don’t take work away from them.  Delivering instructional materials, laptops or supplies?  Your SLT should make it a priority to find a system-wide solution that involves our wonderful Teamsters.


Pro tips.  Here’s a few suggestions from your friends and colleagues around the district.  If you have an idea that has worked for you, your team, or your school, please take a moment to share at using this link. Thanks to those who submitted for this week.

  • Just a Quickie:  Spend some time sharing work that students have posted to SeeSaw
aaaaStreamline Your Connections: 
  • Use the Seesaw Family App. Families text/email me, and I respond almost instantly. It saves the time it takes to go back and forth between platforms. Also, avoids families contacting the school or help desk for a zoom link.
  • Use GoGuardian to make that 1:1 connection. Call when you see the student on the computer. Saves vast amounts of time going back and forth.
  • Today’s Tech Tip:  Teach students to split their screen on their Chromebook so that they are not toggling between 2 screens.

  • SEL Support:  During Advisory classes, provide students with choice to be assigned their own personal breakout room on Zoom. The main benefit is that it allows the student a quiet place to work while also allowing 1:1 teacher check-ins in a confidential space. This actually would not be as easily accomplished in a traditional face to face model. (Also makes it easy to move students in and out of small groups.)

  • New and Returning Platforms for Individual and Small Group Activities:

RAZ+ is now available for elementary instruction-leveled readers, activities, and lesson plans

Saura has been purchased for grades K-12th digital book check out. Watch for details.

Assign iReady and iStation as your asynchronous work as it comes available


NEA Benefits & WEA Workshops 

Financial Essentials Workshop NEA Benefits is pleased to present a FREE workshop to help you better plan for and enjoy your retirement.  All Highline Education Association members are invited.  Please register here

  • Date & Time:  Tuesday, October 13, 2020 (4:30pm-5:30pm) 
  • Location:  via Zoom (The meeting link will be provided after you register.) 
  • Presented by:  Bryan Alsbury
New Trainings to Support Educators with Distance Learning WEA is proud to announce a series of trainings to helps educators who are serving students through remote, distance, and hybrid learning environments.  Our feedback from educators is that they need practical “quick bursts” of trainings to support the current distance learning reality.  As a result, between September 30 and December 2, WEA will offer 90-minute Zoom trainings focused on these kinds of supports.  Please see the attached flyer for additional information. 
Some offerings include:
  • Providing accommodations and scaffolds in remote learning environments
  • Facilitating quality practice in virtual classrooms.
  • How to successfully use Screencastify in virtual environments

 Register early as we only have space for the first 500 participants. Once a course has reached capacity, it will no longer appear in the dropdown menu. IMPORTANT: Registration is a TWO Step Process

  • Register for each course using the link on the flyer
  • Use the registration link in your confirmation email to complete the Zoom registration
  • You will immediately be directed to the course Zoom information page, including the link to access the course. SAVE this information. You can also add the event information to your calendar from this page.

If you have questions, please contact Annie Lamberto, or Rosy Wokabi. 

NEA STUDENT DEBT NAVIGATOR TOOL Normally a $30 annual fee to utilize this service, NEA has now waived the 1st year fee. Kick back and view these YouTube videos on how to get started or visit their site at your leisure.