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In this IssueILC/CBS, HEA CCCaptain & Joint CBA Trainings, Substitute Ts, Nov. 6, 1:1s, Student Attendance, Pro Tips including Internet Access for Families (Pass HPS Prop 1 Tech Levy!)

October 30, 2020

Dear HEA Members,

A week ago Highline announced plans to begin in-person instruction for students served in ILC & CBS starting November 9.  An optional HEA meeting for any interested ILC/CBS teachers will be held on Wednesday, November 4 at 7:45 AM.  Please email me if you would like a link to attend or to set up an alternative time to meet. 

With students on site, properly fitted PPE and training are critical for each context and task.  It is vital to let your administrator know if you are asked to do something you have not been trained to do or you do not have the designated PPE to carry out a task.  Additional factors influencing PPE requirements include the ability of students to wear masks and socially distance.  Review your building safety plan including PPE requirements before taking on any new responsibility.

Health and Safety Planning for all remaining schools is underway and will reflect what we have learned from implementing hybrid instruction in ILC and CBS classrooms.  Please do not work with students unless you have been trained in the access, use, and care/disposal of PPE.  With more people in buildings, masks and social distancing are more critical than ever.

In solidarity,


PS  We need more responses! 

Complete the HEA Workload survey here. 

The district also sent out a survey. 

ILC/CBS Hybrid Instruction.  HPS is prioritizing students in ILC and CBS classrooms because many cannot participate in online learning at home.  Roughly 75% of the families have elected hybrid learning, and a commensurate number of teachers have elected hybrid instruction.  Students will be in groups of 5 or less for either AM or PM instruction. Caseloads will be adjusted as needed to provide all students in remote with a remote instruction teacher.

HEA and HSD have worked closely to review every possible protection for our educators and students.  We continue to jointly review each school’s safety plans based on DOH recommendations for returning students to in-person instruction and L&I requirements for PPE.  We await more specific guidance on DOH ventilation requirements and will review those with the district safety team once they are released.  

Public Health guidelines require training for on-site staff a variety of health-related roles (typically filled by administrators and nurses).  These roles, along with all infectious disease and PPE training, must be in place prior to the opening buildings to students.  


HEA Co-Captain TrainingPlease enroll here to ensure all CCCs receive the zoom links to attend one of the optional 30-minute HEA COVID CO-Captain Meetings being held Tuesday, November 3 (4:00 pm) and Wednesday, November 5 (2:30 pm). 

HEA and Administrative COVID Co-captains work with school safety committees, review building plans, ask questions and ensure training and PPE have been provided for all impacted staff.  In addition to welcoming students back to the ILC/CBS programs, planning is underway for the following activities:  

  • Use of building-based Testing Centers for special education qualification
  • College entrance examinations
  • Curbside student library book check-out
  • Social Worker Home visits

New CBA Joint Training.  HEA Reps and their Admin Teams will attend a joint contract training on Monday, November 2nd from 4:30-5:30PM on zoom.  The room will open at 4:00 and a link will be sent again at that time.  Another joint Labor-Management training is set for December 7 from 4:30-5:30 on building a strong labor relations partnership.  

Choice, Cedarhurst, Hazel Valley, and Valley View/ECE teachers are still in need of HEA Representation on the Council.  Please email me if you are interested in learning more.  The HEA Rep Council typically meets the first Monday of each month from 4:30-6:30.  On Nov 2nd from 5:30-6:30, the council will adopt the HEA Elections Calendar, the HEA Annual Budget, and review the HEA and Joint Committee Assignments.

Substitute Teachers.  HPS is continuing to expand its training of substitute teachers to widen and deepen the pool.  If you know someone who would make a good guest teacher, please recruit them for HPS.  After 20-days of substituting teaching for the district (not necessarily in a row), they will receive retroactive pay for the training day.  They will be eligible for SEBB coverage once they have taught for 630 hours (90 days). That coverage carries over to the next school year if they continue substitute teaching in Highline.  

Substitute teachers are invited to enroll in HEA (by selecting Highline not Highland) and will receive the same great benefits that all members receive (and only pay dues on the days they teach).  


November 6.  Next Friday is a PLE Collaboration Day (the one that typically happens in October), and it is employee-directed time. In most years, it must be used solely for teacher/ESA team-directed collaboration. This year, per the Reopening MOU, it can also be used for other employee directed work to develop connections with new students and families. Since many/most secondary teachers will be switching students at the quarter, this day can be used to help prep for those students and families. If not being used for this purpose, it remains as a teacher/ESA team-directed collaboration day. You may choose how much of your day you want to spend on each of those types of activities (collaboration vs new student/family prep), with a general notification to your supervisor about what you are working on.

1:1 Student Connections.  The district expectation for weekly 1-1 connections is with students, not families, though families could be invited to join if that seems appropriate. These 1:1s can happen during instructional time, advisory, family connections time, or non-instructional time – at educator discretion. 

While there may be a need to reach out to families for specific reasons, there is not a weekly expectation to contact every family. There is a weekly expectation to connect with every assigned 1-1 student, and different buildings are addressing that expectation in different ways. This would be a great topic for HEA Reps and Admin Teams to discuss at Building L/M to make sure all staff are clear on expectations. Refer to last week’s EFocusor this admin packet.  

Student Attendance Issues.  Your SLT should develop a building-based solution to reach those students who are chronically absent.  At this point in the year, your attention needs to be on instruction and social emotional support for students who are present.   As more is being asked of teachers, managing attendance should not be a time burden.  

Ease of access to interpreters was a key component in our MOU.  Talk to your SLT or HEA Rep if these issues are not being addressed. Reopening MOU page


More Pro Tips.  Here are a few suggestions from your friends and colleagues.  If you have an idea that has worked for you, your team, or your school, please take a moment to share by using this link. Thanks to those who submitted this week’s tips. 

  • The City of Burien and OSPI are providing free Comcast Essentials to all families who are income-eligible so hotspot conversions are underway this month.  If a student is struggling with their Internet connection, be sure to connect them to your office manager or appropriate family liaison in your building.
  • With three or more students in a family, families that qualify for Comcast Essentials can make the conversion and can keep their hotspots.
  • Make sure your office manager and an administrator are co-hosts on your zoom account so they can open your class for your guest teachers.
  • Post a simple either/or choice question on Google Classroom for students to complete by the end of the day. It will account for those who don't come on to Zoom and takes minimal time for students to do and teachers to track.
  • For attendance, screenshot the participation box on zoom and update the digital platform later when you are less rushed. OR prepare a fun entry task so you can take attendance while students enter. Many students arrive late, so I prefer the screenshot option about halfway through the period. 
  • Use the Seesaw Family App. Families text/email me, and I respond almost instantly. It saves the time it takes to go back and forth between platforms. Also, avoids families contacting the school or help desk for a zoom link.


Providing factual information about the HPS Prop 1 Tech Levy to students and families is allowed.

Please VOTE by 8PM Tuesday!

Check out the HEA website for more events like this Saturday’s Trunk or Treat!