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In this Issue: Equity & Anti-racism, Vaccinations, COVID Co-Captains, TO-DO: Leave Requests, Commitment Survey, BSTs

January 29, 2021

Dear HEA Members,

On Monday, after reviewing all the input sent by buildings and individuals, the Executive Board set our General Membership Meeting for Tuesday, February 23 at 4:30 PM.  Watch for a registration link coming soon.  Close captioning will be provided.  Your Rep Council zooms Monday at 4:30 so please attend your building meeting in the coming weeks.

Yesterday, the impact bargaining team had productive discussions around elementary report cards and around transition time provided for both remote and hybrid instructors.  The joint health and safety team meets weekly to address the safety concerns you have submitted.  Discussions addressing needs raised by members in special roles are happening during labor management meetings.  If you have concerns unique to your situation, don’t hesitate to contact your principal and/or central office administrator. 

In addition to studying your feedback, we have been reviewing the settlements coming out of school districts around Western Washington to continue to develop our list of bargaining topics.  While recent news from the CDC and even Olympia can seem discouraging, we are still organizing for potential  job actions, if needed.  If you are motivated to support collective action by our union, please sign up for the Bargaining Support Team. This group will help keep your group, program, or building informed and activated. 

Please also start up the practice of wearing red on Wednesdays.  Portia Robinson will soon begin working on getting HEA T-shirts out to those who completed the survey, starting with our newest members.  

All my best to each of you!


Equity and Anti-Racism in Highline.   HEA is working with the district to establish the HEART- the Highline Equity and Anti-Racist Team.  This team will pull anti-racist and equitable practices into the center of our work in areas such as student behavior supports, curriculum development and adoption as well as professional development.  Please use this link to indicate your interest.  This joint team will include Teamsters, non-affiliated staff, and community members in addition to administrators and HEA educators.

Vaccinations.  As mentioned last week, the district is working on developing a partnership to make vaccines available to our staff.  At this time vaccine supplies are irregular but you can still sign up using the state Phase Finder link and possibly with your healthcare provider such as Kaiser Permanente.  If you are a nurse, a social worker, a counselor providing social work services, or working with our special education students in buildings, sign up for your vaccination NOW as you are providing healthcare tasks for vulnerable populations.  

Washington residents over 65 and those over 50 living in a home with three or more generations are also eligible.  Mass vaccinations spots will be opening soon in Eastern Washington for Washington State residents with ID.  Follow all guidelines for appointments. 

Other strategies of note to access vaccines:  the general public has been seen walking up at the end of the day at SeaMar clinics, local pharmacies (for those living in smaller towns), and their local hospitals in case there is extra vaccine that needs to be used.   Share what worked for you.

HEA Co-Captains.  I am holding an optional meeting with HEA Elementary Covid Co-Captains on Thursday mornings at 8:00.  These are your HEA representatives on your building’s Safety Team and are available to share your needs and concerns.  Please make sure you know who they are and who your HEA Building Reps are.


Leave Requests Due.  The following positions have been called back to work in school buildings: IAC teachers, early childhood teachers, all elementary ed/SpEd teachers, elementary counselors, PE/music/library specialists, elementary coaches/specialists and central office TOSAs.   

All staff are ELIGIBLE for an accommodation for health reasons, childcare, CDC risk factors, and for not feeling comfortable being at school.   There will be a number of remote assignments available, so to be CONSIDERED for an accommodation in the first round, submit your request today.  Email human.resources@highlineschools.org today.

COVID Action Commitment Survey.  As of this writing, we have had 1002 out of 1422 members share their commitment to action on the COVID ACTION COMMITMENT survey.  If you have not yet done so, please use your personal email account to log in.  Please note that if you log in a second (third or fourth) time your original responses and comments will be deleted.

Bargaining Support Team.  If you are action-oriented and want to get more updates on our organizing efforts, please join the Bargaining Support Team (BST).  This group will help share information with your group, program, or building stay informed and organize to activate our members.  There are also opportunities to support action in your service area and across the district by volunteering for the BST Steering Committee.


  • 2/1-HEA Rep Council Meeting@4:30 on Zoom.  Contact your Rep for more info.
  • 2/3-All School Board comments due to Kyle.Minaglia@highlineschools.org by NOON (Please keep them under a 4-minute read.  Divide letter into sections among various writers if needed for length….)
  • 2/3-Zoom School Board Meeting@6:00PM (Zoom link posted on district website)
  • 2/4-Joint Review of Building Safety Plans (w/ Teamsters)
  • 2/4-@8:00AM HEA Elementary COVID Co-Captain Weekly Optional Meeting 




Tuesday, February 23, 2021 @4:30PM