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E-Focus Special Edition – Hybrid Transition & Safety Plans
February 17, 2021

Dear HEA Members,

We appreciate the time you are taking this week to really understand your Building Safety Plans.  Your Executive Board also deeply appreciates the efforts of our COVID Co-Captains and HEA nurses in the preparation of these plans.  Many thanks, as well, to our HEA Reps who are currently working with members to review and provide feedback on plans and their implementation.  

As employees and educators, we now must jump in and dig in to understand our Safety Plans deeply.  Your personal efforts are critical to ensuring every building is well prepared to open with:
  1. Safety leadership roles assigned and staff trained in their responsibilities;
  2. Safety protections, procedures and protocols that have been planned, trained, and are ready to implement; and
  3. Clear communication about Safety Plans with educators, parents, and students happening prior to the entry of students into buildings.

To support you in reviewing your Building Safety Plans, I have linked a summary of the key guidelines from the four Health and Safety documents that guide the work of the District Safety Team and were used to develop each school's plans.  In addition to the overview provided in the summary document prepared for you, each title allows you to link to the complete document:
  1. Washington State “DecisionTree” for K-12 School Opening (Dec 16, 2020)
  2. DOH Health and Safety Measures (Jan 25, 2021)
  3. L&I Health & Safety Requirements for Schools
  4. King County Schools COVID-19 Response Toolkit  

Upcoming Events
  • This week:  All members are asked to preview the attached key Safety Guidelines for opening schools.  Please consider your School's Safety Plans in relation to these guidelines.
  • February 19 Efocus:  The Efocus with registration links for the Monday Q&A and Tuesday GMM will be sent to member home emails.
  • February 21 MOU Addendum: All members will receive a copy of the Reopening Schools MOU Addendum to their personal email. This MOU will outline the agreements reached through impact bargaining and other problem solving around the transition to hybrid learning for elementary.  
  • February 22 Q&A Zoom@4:30:  Any HEA member who will be working with students in elementary buildings in any capacity is invited to a zoom informational session to answer your questions about Safety Plans and the MOU Addendum.   (Please log on and stay logged on starting at 4:00PM. You will be put in a waiting room until 4:30.)  
  • February 23 GMM Webinar@4:30:  All HEA Members are invited to participate in a HEA General Membership Webinar Meeting.  There, HEA leadership will present the Addendum to the MOU and ask the membership to determine whether our schools are prepared to welcome students on March 1.  (Please log on and stay logged on starting at 4:00PM. You will be put in a waiting room until 4:30.)

Thank you for your effort reviewing these materials and your patience as we work to assemble what you will need to make an informed decision on February 23.


Sandy Hunt
Highline Education Association