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E-Focus Special Edition – Elementary Hybrid Transition Documents & Links
February 23, 2021

Important Documents for Review. Please bookmark the HSD Hybrid Phase I & II Guidebook, a key document regularly updated and used by schools in their planning for the next phase of opening buildings.  Linked here is also the final version of Addendum to the August Reopening Schools MOU which members will be reviewing this afternoon at 4:30. All three of these documents, along with the public health requirements and guidance linked in last week’s eFocus and linked again below, are critical to review in preparation for tonight’s meeting and decision-making.

Secondary IAC Teacher Meeting (Feb 24@2:30). Edissa Jaramillo sent an invitation to Secondary IAC teachers for this meeting via school email. The zoom link will be sent to your home email.  A third session is tentatively set for Thursday, March 4 at 3:00PM.  Secondary IACs are scheduled to start in hybrid on March 8.

Register and prepare for today’s GMM Webinar (Feb 23@4:30).  HEA leadership and bargaining team will present the Addendum to the MOU and ask the membership to determine whether and when our elementary schools are prepared to welcome students. The webinar is open to all HEA members.  Details are below.  REGISTER ONLY ONCE HERE OR find and use the link sent to your home email.  Sign up and sign in using the personal email, personal device, and (if possible) the name you have listed with HEA.  (Register only once.  Please log on and stay logged on starting at 4:00PM.)

Those called back for in-person instruction, services, or support attended a question and answer session last night.  Issues raised were around the lack of time being allotted to the implementation of the plans with decisions and information being shared on such short notice.  There are particular challenges facing the planning and implementation of special programs.  Members highlighted concerns about the substitute rotation planning and issues related to leaves and accommodations.  Ensuring that every safety plan and every staff members is prepared for school opening must be a top priority as we move forward.

The HEA Executive Board, after listening to member questions on Monday, met to discuss a recommendation for the membership to consider this afternoon.

After presentation of the Addendum and the Executive Board motion, modified Sturgis Rules of Order will be used for debate.  Those rules will be explained by Julie Kastien who will be our parliamentarian to support our process.  The chat will be used to collect the names of those who wish to speak to/about the motion.  The chat will not be used to debate.

We will alternate between Speaking For the Motion, Speaking Against the Motion, Asking a Question about the motion.  For other actions, the parliamentarian will help ensure the person who signs up will speak directly behind the person ahead of them in the chat.

To get into line to speak, please use the chat and type one of the following:
•    for, Name, School/Site (to speak for the motion or the amendment)
•    against, Name, School/Site (to speak against the motion or amendment)
•    ?, Name, School/Site (to ask a question)
•    PofO, Name, School/Site (to call a point of order because a rule was not followed)

Other actions you can take by submitting your name in the chat include the following:
•    amend, Name, School/Site (call for a vote to change the wording of the motion) This starts and new debate and takes ½ of those present+1 person to pass.
•    close, Name, School/Site (call for a vote to end the debate).  This takes 2/3 of those present+1 person to pass.

Public Health Requirements and Guidance. In the middle of last week, I sent an overview and links to the public health/labor and industry guidance. As mentioned in prior communications, that guidance does not connect vaccinations with the opening of hybrid instruction.  It does, however, include comprehensive safety requirements which the district is responsible for following.

  1. Washington State “DecisionTree” for K-12 School Opening (Dec 16, 2020)
  2. DOH Health and Safety Measures (Jan 25, 2021)
  3. L&I Health & Safety Requirements for Schools
  4. King County Schools COVID-19 Response Toolkit  
We have been working daily with HSD leadership to strengthen the planning documents and provide additional guidance based on your questions and concerns. The district is also directing concerns back to principals to strengthen specific plans. HEA and HSD will continue to monitor school safety plans throughout the spring as Building Safety Committees make adjustments to them.

Additional Links You May Find Helpful

Asynchronous Lessons for the end of this week are found in the admin packet.

CDC Classroom Set Up Link.  There should not be more than 15 students in any cohort, and some cohorts may be smaller, depending on the room size. (This is different from what was communicated at last night's meeting and is due to King County's move into the Moderate Phase of COVID Activity.)

HSD Whole Child Guidance Regarding Safety Measure Compliance to address student bahavior regarding PPE and other safety measures.  

Health and Safety training requirements vary by your role, please review this matrix to ensure you have completed all the required training prior to taking on in-person tasks.