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E-Focus Special Edition – Results of General Membership Meeting & Next Steps
February 25, 2021

Dear HEA Members,

At Wednesday night's General Membership Meeting (GMM), the HEA members present (approx. 50% of our membership) reviewed the Addendum to the August Reopening Schools MOU, referencing additional agreements in the HSD Hybrid Phase I & II Guidebook, Then, they considered a motion recommended by the HEA Executive Board to approve a March 8 date for beginning the Elementary Hybrid Phase-In (rather than March 1, as had been planned by the District), including potential Amendments proposed by members in attendance.

Members rejected the motion to begin March 8, and members present did not offer or consider additional main motions. This mandated that the HEA Impact Bargaining Team  return to the table to address the concerns raised in the meeting and return with additional information and a revised Addendum mitigating those issues and concerns.

This also left the March 1 date as the standing implementation timeline, unless HSD elected to adjust it. This was made very clear at the meeting, and is why we asked all of you to anticipate a Friday or Saturday General Membership meeting, as we knew we would need to allow another oppottunity to review agreements prior to the implementation of the Hybrid Transition, at that point scheduled for March 1.

However, as you all are aware, HSD has communicated that the in-person, hybrid transition will not begin March 1, and they have yet to communicate a new date for implementation. This signals that: 1) HSD heard your concerns and our collective voice, and 2) they want to continue to work collaboratively with HEA - and Teamsters - to address concerns and make the return to in-person instruction as safe as possible, and to address concerns about equity that have been raised. This is positive news, and bodes well for the work we have ahead of us!

HEA and HSD return to the bargaining table today to address the issues raised at both the GMM Tuesday and the elementary information session held Monday evening. We are also continuing to negotiate the impacts of Secondary IAC return, currently slated for March 8. We expect that the District will select a new anticipated return date soon for both Elementary and - in all likelihood - Secondary IAC, as well.

We would ask you to continue to hold this Saturday (daytime) for a potential General Membership Meeting (GMM). However, the actual timing of the next GMM will depend both upon the progress of negotiations and the district's revised start date. We commit to you that we will come together prior to the announced date for in-person instruction. However, keep in mind that HSD does have the right to implement changes in class assignments, as planned, as early as March 1.

We hope all of you will join us for our next, critical meeting. Please be sure to read this week's regular E-Focus for additional information.

In Solidarity,


Sandy Hunt, HEA President