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In this Issue:  Secondary Hybrid Addendum, Ventilation Standards, Ventilation: Know Your Space, Remote Assignment Requests, Full Immunization, New CDC Travel Guidelines, Cool Instructional Resources 

April 9, 2021 

Dear Members, 

We have made it to an important milestone and a needed break.  You are doing amazing things under challenging circumstances.  Please de-stress and take this important time for yourself and your loved ones. You are appreciated, and you will continue to find new ways to meet your students' many needs.  As per our MOU, please work with your IPT or Department Chairs and principal before taking off to let them know what technology you need for the coming quarter.  The district would like to get things ordered for you over the break. 

Take good care of yourself, 


P.S.  Please read the ventilation information below in support of others and for your safe opening. 


Secondary Hybrid Addendum.  At Monday’s Rep Council Meeting, the Secondary Hybrid Addendum to our MOU was presented and questions answered.  

Here is the slideshow we shared.  (My apologies for not getting this out to reps earlier this week.)  

Follow-up is underway so the MOU Addendum is implemented in each building as intended.  Thank you to Anamarleny Alvarez-Villa and Katie Carper, secondary counselor reps, who have been working with counselors to ensure they have the time to carry out their work with professional agency.  Any classroom teachers who are signed up for WAC time supervision must be paid extra service contracts (not flextime).  If differing interpretations arise around the MOU or the CBA, reps should discuss these with their principals; if agreement cannot be reached at the building level, Reps should email explaining the disagreement to Sandy Hunt,  Elizabeth Beck, and Chris Larsen, with their principal copied on the email. The question can then be resolved at the District Labor-Management level. 

By now you should have a solid understanding of your site’s safety plan expectations for adults and students, participated in a walk-through of your safety plan, and seen evidence that expectations have been shared with parents and students.  If this is not the case at your site, please email Sandy.

Ventilation Standards.  HEA Leadership has made it clear that every teacher has the legal right to teach in a classroom which meets L&I safety standards.  HSD has agreed. Today HEA and HSD leaders met and discussed what alternatives will be provided if a teacher’s room is not up to standard on April 19.  A variety of options were identified.  HEA requested that every principal have a plan for that possibility at schools where that work is continuing.  If maintenance is not complete in your room, you will be contacted ahead of time with what your alternative teaching location or mode of instruction will be.  HEA is prepared to use every means at our disposal to ensure no member is working with students in a non-compliant space. 

Joint HEA-HSD ventilation checks have been completed and a “punch list” created for the district to complete.  King County Public Health joined us on Wednesday at our most challenging sites.  We await their report.  In the meantime, this link will continue to be updated as we complete the upload of data collected this week and share daily reports on mitigation progress.  Every building also has a ventilation report which your principal should have. 

Ventilation:  Know Your Space.  Please get to know your room’s ventilation system and then set up your room accordingly. 

  • Listen to the motor in individual “univent" units (units attached to the wall ) or through the vents blowing air into the room. These are fans that actively pull in fresh air and circulate it around your room.  Email your custodian to initiate a repair order if your fan is not running. 
  • Locate your exit vent(s) and remove any furniture that might be blocking.  These vents can be anywhere in the room.  They are critical to create a pull of fresh air into the room.  Ask for help if you can’t find it. 
  • Open windows if you want more air (unless your room is air conditioned). 
  • Avoid seating a student directly in front of any fresh air supply blowing into the room or in front of any fan you are running.  You do not want air flowing across a student and into the room.   
  • Email your Covid Co-captains (HSD and HEA) to request a ventilation check and for mitigation if air circulation seems low.  You can do this at any point in the school year. You are welcome to cc Sandy.


Remote Assignment Requests.  Concerns around the lack of remote assignments at secondary were shared at Monday’s Rep Council meeting.  Elizabeth Beck will continue to support members through spring break on leave applications and additional job modification requests.  Email her if you need support with this process.   


Full Immunization. Beginning on April 19, secondary teachers who are not fully immunized are eligible to utilize emergency leave and remaining personal leave for a total of up to nine days for substitute coverage until you are fully immunized (two weeks after your second shot).  With Wednesdays being remote, this potentially covers members until May 4.  Documentation for vaccination dates 1 & 2 may be required.  Also, these days all come out of your daily sick leave, and you must provide substitute plans. 

New CDC Travel Guidelines.  With new research coming out on the effectiveness of vaccinations, travel guidelines for fully vaccinated people have been revised.   That said, with rising case rates, please be safe over the break as we are still being asked to avoid unnecessary travel!  Here are the latest CDC guidelines.   


Cool Instructional Resources.  These were shared by your colleagues: 

Planning for outdoor education.  

Primary sources for ELL students.