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In this Issue: August Meeting Dates, City Council Primary Results, HEA Picnic.  

1. Support Pro-Education/Pro-Labor Candidates
2. Register for the HEA Picnic
3. Long-Term Care Insurance options

August 6, 2021

Dear HEA members,
We hope you are having a wonderful summer.  The HEA Executive Board will meet in our annual retreat starting on Tuesday.  I extend a warm appreciation to Rupika Madhavan, high school representative on the Executive Board, for her service to our members. She is moving on to new district.  Details on upcoming elections for the HEA Executive Board will be coming in the next newsletter.  With impact bargaining starting up again on August 17, please plan for an HEA Rep Council meeting (Aug. 23 @4:30 on zoom) and a General Membership meeting (August 25 time TBD on zoom).

The recent primary elections for HEA’s endorsed city council candidates from Burien (Garcia and Marx), Des Moines (Lewis) and SeaTac City Council (Guzmán, Simpson) were a resounding success.  We are particularly excited and proud that HEA member Iris Guzmán is leading in her primary. These candidates are heading to the November election along with endorsed candidates Mohamed Egal (SeaTac position 7) and Gene Achziger (Des Moines position 5).

Want to know more about these candidates?  Attend the HEA labor picnic next Friday, August 13 from 3:30-6:30 at Seahurst Beach Park (Nori Shelter) and meet local candidates.  Please take 30 seconds to register here so we have an accurate head count for purchasing food and beverages.

We have also invited the HPS School Board Directors and candidate for position 2, Jennifer Fichamba.  If you are interested in joining this fall’s endorsement process for school board candidates, please email Leslie.Sokolik@Washingtonea.org.  

In solidarity,


1. Support Pro-Education/Pro-labor Candidates.

2. HEA Labor Picnic.  Food and beverages will be provided on Friday, August 13 3:30-6:30 at the Nori Shelter, Seahurst Park to hang out with friends and meet local candidates. Register here.  

3. Long Term Care Insurance Options.  Washington State will begin collecting a long-term care insurance fee in January from employees who have not purchased individual long term care insurance by November 1, 2021.  The cost of your plan is based on your income.  In addition, a group plan will be available for staff and their spouses as an alternative or an addition to the state policy (which requires 10 years to vest).  The cost of the district plan is based on an employee’s age.  This plan is portable, and members can continue to pay into the plan even if they leave Highline or move to almost any other state.  HPS will be sending out detailed information soon.