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In this Issue:  Guest Teacher Survey Comments!  The history of the Thanksgiving holiday…
1. Your Input Is Needed: Complete the HEA Meeting Rules Poll & Super Search Survey
2. WEA/NEA News:  2022 Leg Agenda-help lobby, SpEd Survey closing soon, Rep Assemblies
3. Upcoming: Educator Tour of 1619, VEBA Info & Behavioral Health Workshop (December)
November 19, 2021
Dear Members,
Our Guest Teacher Survey remains open.  Below are initial comments we received about their experiences in schools. Let’s continue to help them feel safe, respected, and prepared for the day.
  • I feel safe, valued and connected in my current long-term teaching assignment 
  • Friendly staff
  • Classroom teachers have been good about having plans ready; most have materials ready also. If I ask for information ahead of the assignment, they get the information. Some teachers have followed COVID protocols in the layout of desks in the room and sanitizing hands when entering the room, going to lunch and specialists.
  • I have enjoyed working with k thru 5th. Interesting to note general attitude and friendliness levels in various buildings
  • My school is always happy to see me (and me them!) They make sure I have what I need and provide me with whatever I need. 
  • My school has added me to their email distribution list so I get the emails that go out to everyone. This helpful when I am subbing in the building and there is something going on such as picture day or a special event. I did a long term sub, all of September, and I felt like I was part of the regular staff while I was there. 
  • At elementary schools - very welcoming and helpful staff!! 
  • I feel very appreciated by teachers and school staff! Kids are remarkable!
  • People are appreciative that subs are there because there are not enough of them.
  • Visiting with former students and teaching colleagues.
The district continues to add guest teachers every week.  Emergency Substitute positions require a Bachelor’s Degree so use this link to REFER friends, family and, of course, your retired former colleagues.    
I am so thankful that you are here for our students during this challenging time.  Please hold on to your compassion and empathy for your colleagues and for yourselves.  Apologies and forgiveness never go out of style.  
A new tradition around my family’s Thanksgiving table has been to discuss the myths that surround this holiday.  Here is one vetted resource for a more historically grounded understanding of this holiday.   
Best wishes on your student conferences and have a restful November break!  


  • NEW!  HEA MEETING RULES POLL.  HEA Leaders are conducting a thorough review and revision of our governing documents. After recent general membership meetings, we heard from members who asked we change the rules for running our meetings.  Currently we are required to use Sturgis Standard Code. Please share your opinion about making a change using this quick poll. 
  • NEW! SUPERINTENDENT SEARCH. Please share your perceptions of the school district and the characteristics for an effective HPS superintendent. This survey identifies the desired characteristics of our next superintendent and is conducted by a search firm, which ensures that your individual responses are kept anonymous and confidential. Registration for any community forums are on the district website.  The next one is scheduled for November 29 at 6:00PM.
  • HEA GUEST TEACHER SURVEY.  This short survey is designed to help us identify celebrations and address the concerns of our Highline Guest Teachers. Save the date:  Friday, December 3 during PCT for our next Guest Teacher meet up!


  • NEW! SUPPORT OUR LEGISLATIVE AGENDA  During the upcoming short legislative session, your voices will be important for ensuring our students, our schools, and our staff are not short-changed.  Please email Sandy if you would like to lobby legislators this winter.  
  • WEA EDUCATOR SURVEY. (closes midnight 11.28.21) WEA is conducting a statewide anonymous survey on special education and inclusion topics. The first part of the survey is for all members and is relatively short (about 5 minutes). The second part is for only those who work in special education most of the time and will take about 20 minutes to complete. 
  • HEA DELEGATE NOMINATIONS OPEN.  WEA and NEA RA Nominations are open until January 10.  Talk to your building rep or email Sandy.
    • WEA Representative Assembly Delegates (one and two-year terms are open) to be held virtually (April dates TBD on zoom) and in Spokane (April 13-15, 2023).
    • NEA Representative Assembly Delegates (two-year terms), if it is held remotely or somewhere other than Texas (July 2-6, 2022) and in Orlando the following year (July 2-6. 2023).


  • NEW! EDUCATOR TOUR OF 1619. Saturday, December 11 (11:00AM -1:00PM) Resistance/ Resilience/Remembrance/Liberation is an exhibit by award-winning storyteller Delbert Richardson, Founder and Curator of the American History Traveling Museum: The Unspoken Truths .  This art exhibit depicts themes that highlight the assets of African people in Africa and African people of the Diaspora. 
This exhibit opened this week and will run through Jan. 15 at the ARTs at King Street Station Gallery, 303 South Jackson St., Seattle.  Register Here to attend on a special event set aside for educators.  Learn more about the exhibit here
  • VEBA INFO SESSIONS. Monday, December 6 (see below) New VEBA contributions will begin for all in January with part-time staff (.5 FTE and above) adding a $45/month contribution and full-time raised from $50 to $75/month.  HEA is sponsoring virtual VEBA sessions to give you a better understanding of the plan and answer any questions you have. You can review the VEBA Plan Benefits Guide here .  
  • Visit the HEA Events page for the zoom link which works for both sessions.  
    • 3:30 PM-4:30 PM Informational Session One
    • 4:30 PM-5:30 PM Informational Session Two
  • WEA BEHAVIORAL HEALTH ZOOM WORKSHOP.  Monday, December 6th (4:00-5:30 pm). Learn how to address the Behavioral Health Impacts of COVID-19 on our students. Leave with tools and resources for teachers, educational staff, and families that mitigate the effects of trauma. Use this link for registration.