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In this Issue: HEA ADVOCACY

December 3, 2021
Dear Members,
HEA is working with individuals, building and program reps, and with district administration to address those issues that are making your jobs challenging.  Today we are meeting with our guest teachers during PCT to learn ways to increase their job satisfaction and eliminate barriers to substituting in Highline.  We successfully pressed to jumpstart the COVID Safety Operations Team and get the district Safety Committee started again.  Many thanks to our HEA leaders who are attending those additional meetings each month.  We have successfully advocated for remote teacher working conditions.  With the ILEDs, we finished reviewing building emergency substitute plans, and they will be working with principals to ensure building plans are easily accessible and fairly distribute the work needed to provide coverage for substitute unavailability.  Finally, committee work is getting underway to address district equity needs, curriculum needs, dual language and special education issues, as well as student behavior supports.  Watch for an update on committee assignments next week.
Building level issues are being addressed with your advocacy so please be sure to share information with your reps and attend your monthly HEA Meetings.  The next Rep Council meeting will be January 10, 2022!
Please take care and, again, continue to connect with your reps if there are specific issues needing to be addressed.
Thank you for your tremendous efforts on our students’ and colleagues’ behalf.


  • SUPERINTENDENT SEARCH. Please share your perceptions of the school district and the characteristics for an effective HPS superintendent. This survey identifies the desired characteristics of our next superintendent and is conducted by a search firm, which ensures that your individual responses are kept anonymous and confidential.  
  • HEA MEETING RULES POLL.  HEA Leaders are conducting a thorough review and revision of our governing documents. After recent general membership meetings, we heard from members who asked we change the rules for running our meetings.  Currently we are required to use Sturgis Standard Code. Please share your opinion about making a change using this quick poll. 


  • NEW! NEA MEMBER BENEFITS  With the cost of living going up, now is a great time to enroll in NEA Member Benefits to  access both savings and timely advice.  Our upcoming break is a chance for you to check out all the products and services that your union membership offers.
    • Did you know you have access to a financial planner?  Reach out to Brian Alsbury to set up an appointment.
    • Michelle Hawkins from California Casualty offers a free insurance check.
    • Student loan forgiveness keeps changing, and NEA Member Benefits does all the research and then provides clear, concise information to help you make the right decisions for you and your family. 
  • YOUR VOICE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!   During the upcoming short legislative session, educator voices ensure our students, our schools, and our staff are not short-changed.  You are invited to join our lobbying efforts for funding and legislation that will make a difference in the lives of our students and your life, too!  Please email Sandy to lobby legislators this winter.  
  • HEA DELEGATE NOMINATIONS OPEN.  WEA and NEA RA Nominations are open until January 10.  Talk to your building rep or email Sandy. 
    • WEA Representative Assembly Delegates (one and two-year terms are open) to be held virtually (April dates TBD on zoom) and in Spokane (April 13-15, 2023).
    • NEA Representative Assembly Delegates (two-year terms), if it is held remotely or somewhere other than Texas (July 2-6, 2022) and in Orlando the following year (July 2-6. 2023).


  • NEW! APPLY FOR THE OSPI LEADERSHIP CADRE.  There are always a lot of opportunities for educators through OSPI.  This month, K-5 Educators (teachers and specialists) are invited to apply for a statewide cadre of 150 elementary educators developing expertise on integrating content across science, ELA, and math.  
    • As a member of this cadre, you'll learn about and explore research-based tools, resources, and instructional practices that support effective content integration. You will be supported to apply this learning to your own classroom, with regular opportunities to collaborate and share with fellow cadre members at your grade level.  
    • This program is designed to support you to integrate using whatever instructional materials you have available.  The cadre will also be introduced to freely available, high-quality, OER (Open Education Resource) materials for each grade level. You will also explore ways to help grow this work at your school, district, or even at the state level.
  • WEA BEHAVIORAL HEALTH ZOOM WORKSHOP.  Monday, December 6th (4:00-5:30 PM). Learn how to address the Behavioral Health Impacts of COVID-19 for. Leave with tools and resources for teachers, educational staff, and families that mitigate the effects of trauma. Use this link for registration.  
  • VEBA INFO SESSIONS. Monday, December 6 (see below) New VEBA contributions will begin for all in January  with a $45/month deduction from part-time staff(.5 FTE and above) and deductions increasing from $50 to a $75/month rate for fulltime staff. HEA is sponsoring virtual VEBA sessions to give you a better understanding of the plan and answer any questions you have. You can review the VEBA Plan Benefits Guide here .  
    • Visit the HEA Events page for the zoom link, which works for both sessions. 
    • 3:30 PM -4:30 PM Informational Session One
    • 4:30 PM- 5:30 PM Informational Session Two
  • EDUCATOR TOUR OF 1619. Saturday, December 11 (11:00AM -1:00PM) Resistance/Resilience/Remembrance/Liberation is an exhibit by award-winning storyteller Delbert Richardson, Founder and Curator of The American History Traveling Museum: The Unspoken TruthsThis art exhibit depicts themes that highlight the assets of African people in Africa and African people of the Diaspora.
    • This exhibit opened last month and will run through Jan. 15 at the ARTs King Street Station Gallery, 303 South Jackson St., Seattle.  Register Here to attend a special event set aside for educators.  
    • Learn more about the exhibit here.