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In this Issue: Defenders of North SeaTac Park- you are invited to join and to sign on to the consensus statement

  1. HEA and RUC Leadership Nominations and Elections
  2. HEA Events 
  3. Safety Concerns Reporting Form: Monitored weekly by HR/HEA 
  4. Emergency Coverage Due to Lack of ESPs/paras and Substitutes 

April 22, 2022

Dear Supporter, 

Our NEA-Funded Art Build was a big success with over 500 people in attendance.  A big shout out to Vice President Jeb Binns who put in countless hours along with the union leadership of Federal Way and Seattle to make this dream a reality.  Many thanks to those of you who attended along with your family members, students, and community members.  A number of elected officials attended as well, showing their support for our educators.  NEA Executive Board member Hannah Vaandering, WEA President Larry Delaney, WEA Vice President Janie White all came by and pitched in.  School Board Director Aaron Garcia, State Senator Karen Keiser, State Representative Mia Gregerson stopped by to show their support.  In addition, City Council Members from Burien, Normandy Park and SeaTac attended. These included our endorsed candidates HEA member, Iris Guzman, SeaTac Mayor Jake Simpson and Burien’s Sarah Moore.  

While today is the official Earth Day, it is not too much to exclaim that “every day is Earth Day.”  One project HEA leadership is supporting in Saving the Trees in North SeaTac Park.  This movement has been endorsed by the HEA Rep Council.  Please take a moment to sign on to saving the park from Port of Seattle development and turning the park over to the City of SeaTac.  Access the Defenders of North SeaTac Park Consensus statement here. We invite you, your family members, and your students to be a Defenders of the Park.  It’s free!  Access information in Spanish and in English. 

With appreciation for each of you,


P.S. Wearing your HEA T-shirt at school on Wednesdays and at an event like this is a great way to show union solidarity and support your bargaining team. T-Shirts were delivered to buildings last week.  If you still need one, please email Portia Robinson directly with your size.

1. HEA and RUC Leadership Nominations and Elections

Nominations for Executive Board Positions Close and Candidate Speeches. May 2 @ 4:30PM Contact Elections Chair Tracey Drum  and Portia Robinson to nominate yourself.  HEA leadership elections will be held May 16-20.  

  • HEA Secretary 
  • HEA High School Rep
  • HEA Elementary Rep (1 year term)
  • HEA Elementary Rep (2 year term)

Nominations, Speeches and Elections for Rainier UniServe Council Board Members. (May 2 @ 4:30PM) These elections are conducted by the HEA Representative Council at the May meeting. The term will run June 2022-May, 2023.

Contact Secretary Katie Utesch for the zoom link to participate or attend this meeting. 

2. HEA Events page: Find details & links here

  • NEW! Rally to Stop Starbucks' Union Busting. (April 23 @ 1 PM Cal Anderson Park) Starbucks workers, who have been on the frontlines with the public all during the pandemic, are working to unionize all around the country, including here. They experience retaliation, brutal hour cuts for organizers, (sometimes affecting healthcare), and other union busting tactics by management. The workers have organized a strike fund and are asking us to sign a petition.  Other ways to help besides the above actions, are to purchase from Starbucks locations that have voted to unionize (see updated lists here) and using the name  "UNION STRONG" on your app or in-person. Details for the rally are here. 
  • Student Behavior Survey. The new Student Behavior Support Committee needs to hear from you.  Provide your input as we work with the district to plan for building level supports and professional development.  
  • HEA Representative Council Meeting. (May 2 and June 6 from 4:30-6:30PM)  On Zoom.  Email Katie Utesch for the zoom link.
  • Calm Afternoons with KP for Educators and School Staff. (May 4, 11, & 18 from 3:30-4:00 PM).  This three-week 30-minute series is designed to help you find your calm using meditation and other techniques.  Read about the details here. Space is limited! RSVP soon. 
    • Wednesday, 5/4, from 3:30-4pm PT
    • Wednesday, 5/11, from 3:30-4pm PT
    • Wednesday, 5/18, from 3:30-4pm PT

3. Use Our Safety Concerns Reporting Form

You are not alone! Share your COVID SAFETY CONCERN with your COVID CO-CAPTAIN and your building administrator, (send one email to both). If it is not resolved, report the issue to HR using the “Safety Concern Form”.  This link is actively monitored by HR and HSD to resolve member COVID SAFETY issues. Please navigate through the Frontline Central to access and complete the link.

4. Emergency Coverage Due To Lack of ESPs and Substitutes

Special Education teachers who are missing planning time or other teacher-directed time due to para (ESP) absences or unfilled positions should be accessing an ESC from their office manager.  In addition, if work is pushed outside the school day due to absent para support, reach out to Darren or Gaye to request ESC approval.  Details will be provided during the Inclusionary Practices meeting being held today during mandatory job alike time.  

Librarians who are missing library tech coverage should reach out to their principals to work out support or an ESCs for the extra work that is generated outside the school day on those days.

The $100/hour emergency coverage rate will continue for those losing planning through May. Central Office Specialists are continuing to substitute and should receive the $100 rate if they lose planning time during assigned coverage.  In addition, they should be working with their directors to access an ESC if work that needs to be completed is moved outside of work hours.  This language applies to non-classroom positions in buildings and requires a specialist, coach or dean to work with their administrator to make workload adjustments and approve any needed ESCs. 

Here are the absences and coverage rates for this week.