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 Highline Executive Board 2022 Elections

May 16-20, 2022

Dear HEA Members, 

Today all members received an electronic ballot from BallotPoint on behalf of HEA in your personal email.  I encourage everyone to take a few moments to vote this week.  BallotPoint is the company authorized by WEA throughout the state to provide ballots for local union elections.  

Please DO NOT mark BallotPoint emails as SPAM because that can limit their ability to provide this service to personal email accounts.  If you do not wish to vote in HEA elections for leadership positions (e.g., president, vice-president, RA delegates, etc.), there is an Unsubscribe option at the bottom of the BallotPoint email for you to select.

Thank you, and if you did not receive your ballot, please email our membership specialist Lori Fleck.

In solidarity,

Sandy Hunt



Amanda Stanley-High School Representative

My name is Amanda Stanley - Math Highline HS. This is my first year serving as a Highline HS building rep, HEA Exec Board Secondary Rep, and WEA RA delegate. I’ve worked in aviation for several years prior to becoming a teacher and can say from my experience it is important to feel happy and respected in your workplace. It would be an honor to have your vote to be an advocate for you all!


Amanda Stanley 

Katarina Reke-Elementary Representative (A) One-Year Term

My name is Katarina Reka. I am a 4/5th grade teacher at Gregory Heights. The pandemic has brought to light many systemic issues in our schools, and unfortunately has also made many teachers too exhausted to work for change. I’ve considered the various ways that I can best serve my colleagues as well as my community, and I landed on working as an Elementary Executive Board Representative. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Brandice Tranholt-Elementary Representative (B)

First, let me thank you for reading my statement and for your participation in our elections! My name is Brandice Tranholt and my pronouns are she/her. I am currently  in my 7th year of teaching as a  5th grade teacher at McMicken Heights Elementary. I have been your Elementary Executive Board Representative for the last 3 years am a WEA and NEA representative as well as a  member of your bargaining team. These roles show my dedication to improving the education system as a whole and for our community, staff, students and families.  I am passionate about advocating for others, enjoy working hard to solve problems and strive to be someone that truly listens to the needs of everyone I serve in this position. Please re-elect me as Brandice Tranholt as your Elementary Executive Board Representative.

Veronica Fairchild-Secretary

As a 25-year member of the Highline Education Association, I am looking to expand my knowledge and participation in the union.  Starting as a building rep in 2013 led me to the bargaining team in 2017; and this year taking on the role of bargaining lead.  HEA Executive Board Secretary will be a complement to my work on the HEA Finance Committee.  Note taking is important in maintaining a record of the decisions made by our representative body and in capturing the thinking behind our decisions.  As a bilingual educator of color, I am able to be one of the many pieces of the union's culture of diversity in representation.  I hope you will vote for me.   



Katie Utesch-Secretary

My name is Katie Utesch, your HEA Secretary. I would love the opportunity to continue in my position. Over the last 2 years I have organized listening sessions for MOU’s, taken lots of notes, helped plan a General Membership Meeting over Zoom, as well as attending WEA RA, NCUEA, and NEA RA. The first two years of my Executive Board experience have seen many challenges and different ways of conducting business, and I hope to continue to learn, grow and serve over the next two years. Please re-elect me as your HEA Secretary.

Katie Utesch

HEA Secretary