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In this Issue: Democracy Now! 

  1. NEA Member Benefits 
  2. HSD Employee Assistance Program 
  3. MLK Labor Reports
  4. Seattle Pride Parade is Back! June 26! 
  5. HEA Events
  6. Safety Concerns Reporting Form:  Monitored weekly by HR/HEA
  7. Daily Fill Rates 

June 10, 2022

Dear Supporter,

In these challenging times, let us celebrate ways in which Democracy works within our union!  Please extend your congratulations to next year’s HEA Executive Board:  Veronica Fairchild (HEA Secretary), Amanda Stanley (High School Representative), Brandice Tranholt (Re-elected as Elementary Representative), and Katie Reka (Katarina Schmidt) your second Elementary Rep.  I hope you will also extend your appreciation to Katie Utesch, outgoing Secretary, who has been a pleasure to work with these past two years.  Happily, she is staying very involved by serving our Bargaining Support Team (BST) as Co-chair. Please contact her to get involved in supporting our bargaining team over the summer

Katie will also be representing HEA as a member of this year’s delegation to the NEA Representative Assembly being held in Chicago and virtually from July 2-6.  I will be leading our delegation of returning delegates Leslie Sokolik (RUC WEAPAC chair), Edissa Jaramillo (RUC Board), and Brandice Tranholt along with first-time delegates Benjamin Folgers, Christine Hagerty, and Chad Harper.

Also representing us at the RA will be Shawna Moore (HEA Specialist Rep/RUC Board) who was recently elected by members across the Rainier UniServ Council (RUC) to represent us on the WEA Board.  As a first-time board member, she received the rare honor of being elected to the WEA Executive Board by her fellow directors.  Finally, NEA Board Director Jeb Binns was re-elected to his second term as a WA Representative on the NEA Board of Directors.  He will be serving in that capacity at the NEA RA.

Finally, the most important elections will be the ones occurring in your building or program as you select your association representatives for the coming school year.  Please take a moment to thank your Representatives for their work on your behalf along with those serving on committees.  I encourage you to talk with them about the role and consider getting more active either by running for that position, or  supporting the bargaining team, serving on the safety committee, or by helping pass the Bond this fall.  There are so many ways to contribute to your colleagues and community!

In the meantime, have a great final week of the school year and hope to see you at our cheer tunnel and bargaining rally on June 24! 

My best to each of you!


1. NEA Member Benefits

Take advantage of all your Member Benefits!

Check out the WEA PD Network for free professional development and clockhours this summer and through out the year. Enter "Rainier UniServ Council."

Utilize your NEA Member Benefits for Travel, Insurance, Student Debt Relief, Shopping Discounts, and Financial Services.  Join us at our next Member Benefits Bonanza in August.  In the meantime, use these links.

2. HSD Employee Assistance Program 

First Choice, Highline’s EAP is available to all staff.  Use this link to access the website and password (listed at the bottom of the page).  Use their portal to access a range of online and in person virtual resources.  https://staff.highlineschools.org/benefits/eap 

For example, get help with the following work-life resources:

  • Legal and Financial
  • Childcare and Eldercare
  • Identity Theft
  • Home Ownership 

In addition, you may also wish to take advantage of their coaching and problem-solving services, all provided with a licensed behavioral health provider. Members, your spouse or domestic partner, and your children up to age 26 can receive up to three sessions with a qualified clinical expert.  These free and confidential services address a variety of family, relationship, emotional, behavioral, mental health, and substance abuse concerns, including:

  • Anxiety/Depression/Other Concerns
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Couples/Relationships/Parenting
  • Crisis Support
  • Alcohol/Drug/Other Addictions
  • Grief and Loss
  • Work Conflict
  • Domestic Violence

3. MLK Labor Reports

By Delegate Renee Agatsuma

  • NEW!  Teach the Truth Rally Sunday 2 PM. Please join fellow educators, students, and community members for Seattle’s second annual Teach the Truth Rally. This walking tour will highlight real local history that some in our country want to block. We'll be visiting historic sites in the International District and Pioneer Square to learn about the forgotten radical history of Asian-Americans, women, and labor leaders in Seattle. Fellow union members from HEA, FWEA, and SEA will be there. Please join us! The rally starts at 2 PM near the Wing Luke Museum.
  • Yes On Initiative 135!  At the last Martin Luther King County Labor Council (MLKCLC) meeting, the Labor Council officially endorsed the Social Housing Initiative (I-135). HEA was one of the first educator unions to support it, and we are happy that we have the opportunity to support more affordable housing in Seattle.  Please sign the initiative if you have the chance and are eligible.
  • NO on Initiative-1929 !  A few of the super-wealthy in our state are trying to reverse the gains we have made on addressing Washington’s regressive state taxation structure.  Please refuse to sign!

  • Support organizing workers! (Crossroads Trading Company, UW Librarians, Starbucks Workers United, Alphabet Union - Tech Workers). Some have asked for support: 
    • Starbucks workers more than ever NEED the morale boost of fellow worker Support- they are dealing with union busting and brutal hours cuts. To support: Purchase from Starbucks that have voted to unionize (see updated lists here) and give your name as “Union Strong” or “Solidarity”.  While you are at it, change your name if you use the Starbucks App.  Organizers said this will really help since management is cutting hours, and they need the foot traffic. Other ways to support: sign the petition and donate to the strike fund.
    • UW Librarians are also organizing and have asked us to sign a petition to support them. 
    • Crossroads Trading on Capitol Hill have organized under UFCW 3000. For some of your thrift shopping, you can go there. And say union strong


With the  Seattle Pride Parade back in-person we are bringing back our WEA Pride Parade Contingent! Kids, families and friends are all welcome!  The parade will be held June 26, so in case you haven’t yet, please RSVP here. It’s more important than ever to be visible advocates in schools…and as public school educators to be marching in front of our 500,000 neighbors at Seattle Pride!  With registration, you will receive all the information you need to  join up in the parade.

Join the caucus here!


  • HSD School Board June Meetings (06.22.22). These meetings are held live at Central Office and live streamed. Note the special start time. To access remotely, use the links below.

    · June 22, 2022 5:00 PM Budget Hearing and School Board Meeting

  • SOLIDARITY NEEDED! Bargaining Support Rally.  (06.24.22@7:30AM).  Join us for Coffee and a Cheer-fest.  Stop by Central Office for a rally and cheer tunnel as we support our amazing bargaining team as they fight for improved working conditions and pay during this year’s negotiations.  See the latest issues here
  • VEBA Informational Sessions (06.16.2022 4PM or 4:30 PM)  Attend one of the five quick 30 minute live sessions. Learn about your HRA, health reimbursement arrangement, what you can use it for and how to easily access your money. We will cover online registration, filing claims, and more. Q &A session will follow. REGISTER TODAY!
  • TIME TO REGISTER! HEA General Membership Virtual Meeting (June 30 @ 5PM | REGISTER HERE).  All members are invited and strongly encouraged to join our information sessions and/or ratification vote.  A registration link will be sent to your home email address on file with WEA in mid-June (and mid-August).  Please update your personal contact information anytime using this link.  This includes changes to your work location, position, address, email, phone and if you change your name with the district. 
  • SIGN UP TODAY! Seattle Pride Parade. (06.27.22 Morning).  March with your WEA Pride Parade Contingent!  It’s more important than ever for educators and staff to be visible advocates in schools…and supporting our students as public school educators in front of our 500,000 neighbors at Seattle Pride!  WEA’s LGBTQ Caucus working on finalizing parade registration, but please save the date and RSVP for Pride 2022 here !  

Join the caucus here!

6. Use Our Safety Concerns Reporting Form

You are not alone! Share your COVID SAFETY CONCERN with your COVID CO-CAPTAIN and your building administrator, (send one email to both). If it is not resolved, report the issue to HR using the “Safety Concern Form”.  This link is actively monitored by HR and HSD to resolve member COVID SAFETY issues. Please navigate through the Frontline Central to access and complete the link.