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July 1, 2022

Dear Supporter,

July 1, 2022

Dear Lani, 

Many thanks to those of you who attended yesterday’s General Membership Meeting on a sunny afternoon.  Those present ratified the contract with 81% for/16% against/3% abstaining while our VEBA benefit was reauthorized for the year with a vote of 94% for/5% against/1% abstaining.  

Our membership thrives on debate and the issues raised by the members about both the strengths and areas of concern in the new contract were noted by the leadership.  It is only through struggle that labor has made the gains we have.  When labor works together and listens to one another we can make advances for those who are marginalized or overlooked.  So please reach out if you left with issues and concerns.  We would love to help you get those addressed with your principal through SLT or HEA, through district labor-management problem-solving, or at the bargaining table, whichever makes the most sense.

Have a safe and restful summer,


P.S. Thank you to the more than 250 HEA Committee members, Program/Building Reps, Covid Captains/Safety Team members, and Elected Leaders who are making our union vibrant, relevant, and strong!  We will have many opportunities for your vision and involvement in the year ahead.  Additional thank you’s are below.


The newly bargained language linked here will be uploaded on the HEA website under the contracts tab until we can get the entire contract updated and uploaded.  Building reps and Admin will receive a hard copy as soon as it is available.  We anticipate holding a joint rep/admin contract training this fall.

This document is quite lengthy, so you can also review the summary of the highlights in bulleted format


The negotiation and ratification of this agreement would not be possible without the dedication of time and energy by many HEA members including these:

  • Thank you to our GMM Supporters.  A zoom meeting with member check in and all the technological aspects that make the meeting accessible would be impossible to run without you:  Leslie Sokolik**, Amanda Stanley*, Christian Tautua*, Tracy Werthman, Julie Mahieu, Stephanie Nelson,** Brandice Tranholt,* Katie Reka,* Shawna Moore,* Edissa Jaramillo,** Terri Ainardi, Jeb Binns***, and of course our incomparable UniServ staff Lani Nguyen and Elizabeth Beck.
  • Please Send Your Congratulations to Our Bargainers! Veronica Fairchild* (Chair/Academic Specialists), Sandra Aguila (ES/DL), Jeb Binns* (HS/DL), Rich Coker (HS/DL) Sara Fox (ESAs), Edissa Jaramillo** (SpEd Services MS/DL) Shawna Moore*** (Specialists), Brandice Tranholt* (ES).
  • Appreciate to Our BSTs.  Katie Utesch*, John Larkin, Alice Malmanger, Julie Mahieu, Katie Reka, and Amanda Stanley.* 

*HEA Executive Board Members and **Rainier UniServ Board Members.