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In this Issue: Please support Bond passage with your donations and time! 

  1. MLK Labor Council- August Delegate Report
  2. COVID Safety Concerns Reporting Form  
  3. Attend the North SeaTac Park Birthday Party and sign the Community Consensus

 Additional Information: 

August 19, 2022

Dear Supporter,

The bond to replace Evergreen HS, Tyee HS and Pacific MS will appear on the November 8 ballot.  This measure ultimately will impact all students as the Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) continues to recommend where to prioritize funding for the safety, functionality, and beautification of our schools.  In the last 25 years, 80% of our elementary schools, one middle school, and two high schools have been successfully transformed.  I am asking members at these schools, in particular, to pay it forward and put extra effort into the passage of this bond.  

This is a replacement bond and therefore will not impact the local tax rate.  Its passage is critical as we anticipate going to the community in the future to continue the replacement of unsafe and out-dated facilities.  If it fails, this time around, community taxes will decrease which could make it harder to pass future bonds while delaying the rebuilding of these three schools.

For our part, HEA is working with Yes For Highline! to implement strategies for bond passage.  Please mark your calendar for Saturdays in October (8, 15, 22 and 29) when we will be doorbelling selected households as part of our get-out-the vote effort.  We will also be phone- and text-banking targeted voters throughout the fall. Please use this link to volunteer!  A simple way you can also contribute to this effort is sharing pro-bond messages on your social media accounts. 

Finally, while HEA has donated $3000 towards passage of the bond, individual donations are needed in order to fully fund the organizing it takes to pass this measure. Please use this link to donate! From May through September, my husband and I are matching HEA member donations 1-1 so this is a great time to double your impact (up to $3000).  I am working with the Yes for Highline campaign to tally up HEA member contributions so watch for weekly updates coming soon.

Please do not delay, support our members and students by signing up to support the passage of this bond.

In solidarity!


1. MLK Labor Council 

August Delegate Report

Highline Education Association is a member of the Martin Luther King County Labor Council.  At the November Representative Council Meeting we will be electing two new delegates to represent HEA on the council for the calendar year.  A monthly delegate meeting is held the third Wednesday of the month at 6:00.  The 2022 delegates are Renee Agatsuma (Evergreen HS) and Michael Williams (Highline HS).  In addition, Leslie Sokolik (as HEA’s WEA PAC chair) and the HEA President are delegates.  Michael is leaving the district so join in sharing appreciation for his many contributions to our union work. Please email HEA President Sandy Hunt if you are interested in completing the final four months of his term.  Thank you to all our delegates for helping us build trust, understanding, and support across the labor movement.

August Delegate Report

By Renee Agatsuma

  • Homegrown Workers had their first strike action in Renton due to management placing invasive cameras in delivery vans. Sandwich makers already voted to strike. These workers have been trying to organize all workers (warehouse, delivery, storefront) and have been blocked and stymied by management.
    • Ways to support: do not buy Homegrown brands (Molly’s Tosti, Bolt, Shine),  sign up for distributing leaflets, or sign a petition to Cafe Vita to support workers.

MLK Labor Delegates voted to:

  • support the strike for CWA 7800, who helps drive the Microsoft Connector buses, against MV transportation
  • support Laborers 242 for workers at Green Restoration group Garden Cycles for fair wages 
  • support SEIU 925 to support 10 fired childcare workers from MightyKidz. They collectively asked for raises, improved working conditions, child safety, and adequate staffing ratios, and to have transparency and equal pay between all workers
  • support of a Community Workforce Agreements for building trades

Save the Date: Rally Sept 27th to support Airport workers who are fighting for healthcare (more information coming in September) !

2. COVID Safety and Safety Concerns Reporting Form

HEA is continuing our work with HSD to ensure COVID prevention remains a top priority.  ESSER funds continue to be allocated for this purpose.  Please join your building safety team if this topic is of interest to you.  If you have an individual concern, discuss it with your building administrator and loop in your HEA Building Representative. If it is not resolved, report the issue to HR using the “Safety Concern Form”.  This link is actively monitored by HR and HSD to resolve member COVID SAFETY issues. Please navigate through Frontline Central to access and complete the link.

3. Join the Defenders of North SeaTac Park Birthday Picnic!

Thank you so much to those who have signed the Community Forest Consensus to call for the protection of North SeaTac Park and our community's trees. Your signatures on the Consensus are powerful support and are making a difference.  Last year the HEA Rep Council authorized HEA to sign on to this statement as an organization.  We are also encouraging individual members to sign and to promote this effort.

Trees are the lungs of the planet.  Around the airport they serve as an important source of air filtration of the harmful particles emitted from air traffic.  Multiple studies have shown that communities where airports are located have poorer health and education outcomes than the average population.  Residents of airport communities are typically the most marginalized in society.  HEA has become an important voice in the fight for environmental justice for our families living in SeaTac.  Please consider ways you might want to be involved. Hope to see you at the North SeaTac park Birthday Celebration this Sunday!